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Where It All Began

My journey as a food blogger “Amateur Food Blogger” started in the early 2018 somewhere around June I suppose, all this was during the so called “Year Out” period of mine from engineering. Before my journey into food blogging, I was an avid traveller, I still am, most of my days would be spent up top on the peak of Kumara Parvatha in my tent or I’d be exploring Bangalore. During my travel period most of what I used to do was eat, basically eat eat and just eat. A friend of mine during one of my travels suggested that I start up a food blog, a week later “The Big Hungry Panda” came to life. It’s not a blog per se when I started it, it was just a page up on Instagram where I post food reviews for my followers. At first this was just a thing to overcome boredom but then within a few months my page started gaining a bit of popularity around Mangalore and soon after I started getting invites from cafes, restaurants and various other places. I got a chance to meet some really amazing food bloggers in Mangalore and interact with them and learn more and a few of them have become really close to me.



The Name

People often ask me you aren’t a huge person then why call yourself a big hungry panda, the reason for that name is my appetite, like have you seen me eat? I can consume a lot of food like literally a lot. Last year around July I did a solo Bangalore food trip of 3 days and each day I’d review 5 places and in each place I’d have starters mains and obviously desserts with a few drinks here and there. Well that’s how I thought of the name “The Big Hungry Panda”

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