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Noronhas Corner

Noronhas Corner Is A Food Truck Up In Assagao - Anjuna Crossing Which Serves One Helluva Goan Street Food.

They Start From 6:30 Pm And Run Through The Night But It's Better If You Visit Them Early As The Good Stuff Run Out Sooner Than You Can Imagine.

Here's What I Had

1) Goan Style Pork Vindaloo - Rs 170
2) Chicken Caffreal - Rs 170
3) Fish Cutlet Bread With Cheese - Rs 100
4) Bebinca - Rs 90

This Spicy And Tangy Pork Vindaloo Turned Out To Be Sooo Good And When Paired With An Amazing Goan Bread Called Poi It Was Even Better And Is A Definite Must Try

Chicken Marinated In What Is Known As Cafreal Masala Is Quite A Popular Dish In Goa. This Is Also A Tangy Chicken Dish Which Again Goes Really Well With Poi And Is A Must Try Here.

Fish Cutlet With Bread And Cheese Turned Out To Be On The Dry Side But It Was Really Flavorful. I Really Loved The Cutlet On Its Own It Was Quite Amazing To Have.

Finally Tried An Authentic Bebinca As Well I Sadly Don't Have A Proper Image Of It, Bebinca Is Basically A 7 Layer Pudding Well Not Pudding Exactly. This Dessert Made For A Perfect Finisher For This Quick Meal At Noronhas Corner.










Here's What I Had

Goan Style Pork Vindaloo
Chicken Caffreal
Fish Cutlet Bread With Cheese