The Big Hungry Panda



My Journey To Kochi Started Off With Being Late For My Train 😂 Didn't Have A Chance To Catch A Good Breakfast Or Lunch Either.

I Was Famished By The Time I Reached Kochi So A Quick Search On Google Maps And I Found This Lovely Place @arippa_restaurant

What Makes This Place Stand Apart From Other Eateries Is That They Have An Open Kitchen.

I Tried Prawns Pepper Fry For Rs 180 And Beef Pepper Fry With Porota (See I Typed It Correctly This Time 😂) For Rs 140 + Rs 15

Well To Start Off With The Quantity Was Unbelievable Especially The Prawns. Packed With Immense Flavours Both Prawns And Beef Pepper Fry Went Really Well With Their Soft And Light Porotas.

Both Of Them Are A Definite Must Try Plus The Pricing Is So Reasonable For The Quantity Of Food That They Serve. This Is One Restaurant You Must Visit When Your In Kochi 🐼










Here's What I Had

Prawns Pepper Fry
Beef Pepper Fry