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French Toast

This Place Has By Far Been The Best Breakfast Place I've Been To @frenchtoastindia Is A Cute Little Charming Place That Serves Up Some Great Quality Food. The Ambience Here Is Quite Calming And Selection Of Music Being Played Is Sublime.

The Menu Includes's:
1) Mexican Beef Chilly French Toast - Rs 350
2) Whiskey Cream Pie With Salted Toffee Meringue - Rs 220

Gouda Cheese French Toast Served With A Mexican Style Beef Chilli, Sour Cream & Jalapenos. Now This Was indeed A Hearty Breakfast. Perfectly Cooked Beef Mixed In With Kidney Beans And Paired With Sour Cream Is One Amazing Combination You Can Have And That Bread Was Just Perfect. If You Love Beef Then This Is A Definite Must Try.

Mild Whiskey Tones Paired With Salted Toffee And A Perfectly Browned Meringue Trust Me You Can't Ask for Anything Better In Life. This Is Yet Another Way To Enjoy Whiskey.

Next On The Feed Will Be Our Last Review From Kochi So Stay Tuned, Stay Hungry 🐼










Here's What I Had

Mexican Beef Chilly French Toast
Whiskey Cream Pie With Salted Toffee Meringue