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Aayans Kitchen

With A Bambaiyya Flair In Its Cooking Methods, Aayans is Here To Provide An Immersive Miyabhai Culinary Experience. Closed For Lockdown But Now Open Again & For Home Delivery Too, Here’s An Account Of Our Visit.

Here's What I had:

1) Sultanate Olive Cheese Shawarma - Rs 100
2) Chicken Hyderabadi Dum Biryani - Rs 170
3) Chicken Platter - Rs 600

The Sultanate Olive Cheese Shawarma Like Most Indian Takes On The Arab Meat Roll, Has Ingredients Beyond The Original Recipe, But Which Transform It Into Its Own Delicious Wrap All The Same. The Indulgent Sticky Cheese Made Its Presence Felt First, & This By Imbalance Needs More Olives. The Wrapping Gets Stuck To The Bread And The Sticky Mix, So It’s A Bother To Keep Tearing It Off In Shreds, Meaning A Better Wrapping Paper Would Definitely Be A Good Investment. Otherwise, The Mellow Flavouring On The Whole Product Was Pleasing, And This Surpasses My Erstwhile Favourite Spicy Chicken Cheese Shawarma From Town Tables.

The Chicken Platter Has A Literal Arsenal Of Different Styles. The Kunkad Tikka, The Murgh Malai And Hariyali, The Dajaj Alfaham, All Deeply Marinated In Their Respective Masalas & No Nook Or Cranny Spared In Being Grilled Thoroughly. The Sweet Mayo Served Alongside Was The Only Thing I Blatantly Disliked, Apart From A Few Unevenly Cooked Chunks.

The Hyderabadi Biryani Is A Hot One, As The Universe Dictates. The Basmati Grains Are Fluffy And Separate, The Meat Well Cooked Till Tender And The Masala Diverse In Spice. All Is Right With The World, And With This Consistent Biryani That I Love More Each Time I Eat It.








Here's What I Had

Sultanate Olive Cheese Shawarma
Chicken Platter
Chicken Hyderabadi Dum Biryani