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Reviewed On August 9th 2020

Made A Random Visit To @albatros_Mlr Somewhere In June To Satisfy My Craving For A Mean Cheesecake And I Made It Just In Time To Devour Their Last Piece Of New York Cheesecake ❤

Pretty Much Enjoyed This Decadent Cheesecake Cake, The Blueberry Compote On Top Was Exquisite. What I Didn't Like About This Was That Little Bit Of Cream On Top, It Was Way Too Overpowering For Me.

I Actually Loved How It Was Long Back. You Didnt Have That Strong Cream And The Blueberry Compote But Presentation Wise This One Was More Appealing.

Reviewed On July 23rd 2019

Now This Place @albatross_mlr Was Pretty Much Heaven On Earth For Me, The Pastries Here Were Realy Good When It Opened Up

The Menu Include's:
1) Opera - Rs 90
2) New York Cheesecake - Rs 75
3) Brownie Explosion Cheesecake - Rs 85
4) Chicken Steak Burger - Rs 60

Opera Is Basically A French Cake Made With Layers 0f Almond Sponge Cake Soaked In Coffee Syrup Layered With Chocolate Ganache And Coffee Buttercream. This Here Is A Must Try For All Coffee Lovers Out There.

Not Exactly The Original Version Of New York Cheesecake But This Is Still Really Yummm. It's Rich In Flavour And Has A Dense And Smooth Creamy Consistency To It And The Cheese, Well You Can Taste Every Bit Of It.

This Version ls Cheesecake Is Pretty Amazing Cause It Has Rich Chocolate Brownies In Them. Who Doesn't Love Brownies ? And Brownies In A Cheesecake, This Is Some Next Level Genius. a Definite Must Try.

Surprisingly The Burger Turned Out To Be Really Good, I'd Suggest Reducing The Amount Of Onions Used And An Increase In Cheese Would Be Amazing. A Must Try Here.








Here's What I Had

New York Cheesecake (NEW)
New York Cheesecake
Brownie Explosion Cheesecake
Chicken Steak Burger