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Alphonse Uncle In A Omni Van Reading ‘Pork-Mutton-Chicken’ Has Been Here Since 2019. We Tried His Limited Menu For The First Time A Few Days Ago.

Here’s What We Had:

1) Pork Bafat - Rs 80
2) Coorgi Pork - Rs 80
3) Mutton Tale Mamsa (Head Curry) - Rs 80
4) Mutton Boti (Innards Curry) - Rs 80
5) Chicken Sukka - Rs 80
6) Chicken Pepper - Rs 80
7) Sannas (Fermented Konkani Idlis) - Rs 20 per 3
8) Neer Dosa (Lacy Rice Crepes) - Rs 20 per 3

Pork Bafat Or Mangalorean Style Pork Curry Is A Slow-Simmered Curry That’s Been The Prize Of The Konkani Catholic Community Since Ages. With Sharp And Earthy Spices In Various Ratios As Per The Family Matriarchs Recipe, It’s Been An Intensely Homely Dish, Offered To The Public Only At Catholic Banquets Until A Decade Or So Ago. By Itself Or With Pillowy Sannas, The Full Bodied Masala Released In The Liquified Lard And Imbibed By The Red Meat, Is A Gourmands Dream. This Masala Here Had Bay Leaf, Pepper And Cardamom. While I’ve Had Stronger Masalas Before, I Mopped This Up Regardless.

Coorgi Pork Is Normally A Curry With Its Soul Being The Jungle Souring Agent, Kachampuli. This One Had Very Little to Zero Of It, If At All. I Got Hints Of Mint, Coriander And Lemon, But The Major Ingredient And A LOAD of Heat As Mentioned, Was Missing. The Meat, Was Just As Succulently Cooked As In The Bafat. Not Up To The Mark, Solely Due To The Masala.

Mutton Tale Mamsa Or Head Curry, Consists Of Muscle, Bone Shards And Gooey Brains. Each Bringing Its Own Texture And Flavour To The Curry. Goat Muscle is Dark And Funnily Aromatic As Everyone Knows, Brains Are Sweetish, While Bone Shards Are The Real Pain In The Backside. Were You Expecting A Happy Ending To That Narration? Nah, Eat This With Eyes Wide Open, Lest Your Mouth Be Punctured Through And Through😂. The Masala Was As A Garam Masala Infused Curry Often Is, Not Too Noteworthy. A Good Order For Those Who Want Both Muscle And Brain, The Latter In Moderation.

Boti Or Intestines Is The SMELLIEST Part Of An Animal, So If You’re Squeamish, Do NOT Order This. That Aside, These Velvety Snippets Of Innards Were Simmered In A Toor Dal Based Gravy, That Evokes The Dishes Methi And Tadka Dal At Once. Some Take Well To This Kind Of Recipe, While Others Don’t. I For My Part, Liked It.

Chicken Sukka Usually Has A Great Deal Of Moist, Squelchy Coconut Spiced With Curry Leaves, Red Chilli Powder And Then Some. This One Had Less Red Chilli Compared To Ones I’ve Had Before. The Meat Was Succulent Though. The Consistency Veering Towards Gravy Is Probably A Caterers Touch.

A Pepper Chicken Is Supposed To Be Hot All The Way To The Back Of The Throat. That’s Simply How The Order Of Nature Works. This Didn’t Follow That, And Likely Suffers Because Of It. The Pepper In It Is Highly Diluted, While The Chicken Is Tender And Flavourful.


Opposite Kottara Cross Bus Stop, Katlerigudda Bejai, Kapikad, Mangalore, Karnataka


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Monday : 6pm – 9pm
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Here's What I Had