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Belly G

@bellygrestocafe Has Been Relocated To Bejai Now (Same Place Where The Old Smoke And Oven Used To Be) Making It More Convenient For People To Drop By ❤

I've Always Loved This Place For Their Amazing Food And Ambience. The Place Is Much Smaller Than Before And It's Not Easy To Get A Parking Spot As Well. There Was A Point Of Time Where I'd Visit Belly G At Least Once A Week For Lunch 🐼

The Menu Include's
1) Vegetarian Miso Soup - Rs 160
2) Chicken Manchow Soup - Rs 130
3) Chicken Steamed Momo - Rs 190
4) Tender Chicken Strips With Alfredo Sauce - Rs 230
5) Malaysian Chicken Curry - Rs 240
6) Grilled Paneer Burger - Rs 220
7) BBQ Chicken Burger - Rs 220
8) BBQ Chicken Pizza - Rs 360

Grilled Paneer Burger Is A Definite Must Try Here, It's Really Juicy And Flavourful And The Slice Of Paneer Used Is Really Generous, You Also Get A Good Quantity Of Fries Along With It.

The BBQ Chicken Burger Was Quite Delicious As Well. The Chicken Patty Was Cooked To Perfection. and Is Served With Fries In The Side.

Uggh The Pizzas Here Are Lip Smacking Delicious I Might Be Overly Exaggerating About Their Pizzas But On A Serious Note They Are Really Good. The BBQ Chicken Pizza Is Really Cheesy And Flavourful And It's So Worth The Price. P.S Their Chicken Tikka Pizza Is A Favourite Of Mine.

Consisting Of Tofu, Mushrooms, Carrots, Spinach, Noodles And Corn This Is A Visually Stunning Looking Dish And Is Something A Vegetarian Would Really Love. Taste Wise It's A Little Bland Though.

Not A Soup Person Per Se I'm Sure Y'all Know This By Now But Their Chicken Manchow Soup Is Really Good. You Have Good Strong Flavours And A Good Amount Of Shredded Chicken In It Plus That Crunch Noodles On Top Is Amazing. This Is A Must Try Here.

More Than The Momos I Loved The Spicy Dip That Came With It Like Damn It Was Good And It Went Really With The Momos.

The Name Says It All Perfect Tender Chicken Strips Covered In Some Delicious Alfredo Sauce And Is Served With A Side Of Fries. For This Price It's Totally Worth It.

This Malaysian Chicken Curry Has Got A Really Good Aroma To It. Surprisingly It's Good To Have It With Garlic Bread.










Here's What I Had

Vegetarian Miso Soup
Chicken Manchow Soup
Chicken Steamed Momo
Tender Chicken Strips With Alfredo Sauce
Malaysia Chicken Curry
Grilled Paneer Burger