The Big Hungry Panda


Big Bollywood Adda

Big Bollywood Adda Opened Up Two Weeks Ago And They Are Back With A Bang With An All New Menu Called "Unlock Kiya Jaaye".

Here's What We Had:

1) Crunchy Munchy Chicken Wings - Rs 299
2) Winner Winner Chicken Spinner - Rs 349
3) Big Boss Fried Rice - Rs 299
4) Jeete Hai Shaan Se - Rs 299
5) Sahenshah -E- Bollywood (Cocktail) - Rs 299

Chicken Wings Are Always A Messy Dish To Have But Mehh They Are Lip Smacking As Well If Prepared Right. These Wings Have A Beautiful Crunchy Exterior And Are Tossed In A Spiced Garlic Maple Mix.

Spinach, Mushroom And Mozzarella Stuffed Grilled Chicken With Lemon Chilli Potato And Spiced Creamy Sauce. Now This I Really Enjoyed Having And This Was Quite Filling As Well. That Creamy Sauce On Top Was Just Sublime And Those Micro Greens Added In Some Great Minute Flavours.

Vegetables & Herbed Fried Rice Served With Grilled Paneer And A Tomato Cream Sauce. The Best Part Of This Dish Was It's Large Melt In Your Mouth Paneer Slices And That Lovely Tomato Cream Sauce On Top, Uggh This Dish Was Another Filling Dish And The Pairing Of Flavours Were Exquisite. This Dish Here Is A Definite Must Try.

A Combination Of Their Malta Orange And Basil Virgin Cairojca Turned Out To Be Quite A Refreshing Drink, Also The Malta Orange Is A Must Try In Diesel Cafe.

Cardamom, Coconut Rum, Apple Juice & Lime Juice This One Had An Overpowering Aftertaste, Cant Really Pin Point What It Was But Yeah It Wasn't Pleasing.










Here's What I Had

Crunchy Munchy Chicken Wings
Winner Winner Chicken Spinner
Big Boss Fried Rice
Jeete Hai Shan Se
Shanshah -E- Bollywood