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Brios Cafe & Grill

@brio.cafe_and_grill Recently Added A Few New Items On The Menu And Here's A Quick Review Of Few Of The Dishes That I Tried ❤

The Menu Includes:
1) Chicken Roulade - Rs 290
2) Peri Peri Chicken - Rs 270
3) Honey Mustard Chicken - Rs 270
4) Chicken Stroganoff - Rs 270
5) Blue Hawaiian - Rs 150
6) Strawberry Margarita - Rs 150
7) Choco Waffle Bomb - Rs 240
8) Nutella Deluxe Sundae - Rs 195

Chicken Breast Rolled With Bell Peppers And Cheese And Is Served With Mash Potatoes And A Side Of Vegetables. To Start Off The Chicken Was Really Tender And It Was Well Cooked, Loved The Sauce That Came With It And The Mash Potatoes Was Muwaahhh I'm A Big Sucker For Em Mashed Potatoes. This One's Here A Definite Must Try.

Coming Over To Peri Peri Chicken We Have Chicken Breast Baked With Peri Peri Marinade And Is Served With An Oriental Salad. This Wasn't Spicy Enough For My Palate. It Was Delicious Though. The Fries Were Good Too.

Honey Mustard Chicken Was The Bomb, We Have Chicken Breast Tossed In Honey And Mustard Sauce And Is Served With An Oriental Salad And Mashed Potatoes. This Was Amazing In Terms Of Flavour And Taste. A Definite Must Try Here.

This Is The First Time I'm Having Chicken Stroganoff This Way Usually It Is Served With Rice. Here At Brio Chicken Stroganoff Is Served Over Spaghetti. I'd Prefer If There Was More Sauce With A Nice Creamy Consistency. The Chicken Was Delicious Though.

From The Drinks I Had I'll Recommend You Guys To Try The Strawberry Margarita. Subtle Flavouring In The Drinks Nothing To Strong.

Warm Chocolate Waffles Topped With Chocolate Ice Cream, Brownies And Nutella Drizzle. This Was Truly Amazing A Perfect Combination Of Wonderful Flavors. A Definite Must Try Here.

Even The Sundae Was Phenomenal And Is A Must Try. This Was A Perfect End To A Perfect Meal I'd Say.










Here's What I Had

Chicken Roulade
Peri Peri Chicken
Honey Mustard Chicken
Chicken Stroganoff
Blue Hawaiian
Strawberry Margarita
Choco Waffle Bomb
Nutella Deluxe Sundae