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Burger Lounge

Well @burgerlounge.ind Has Updated Their Menu A While Back And Here's What I've Tried

The Menu Include's
1) Peri Peri Chicken Burger - Rs 169
2) Double Cheese Burger - Rs 150
3) Chicken Steak Burger - Rs 160
4) XXX Burger - Rs 166
5) Chicken Steak Club Sandwich - Rs 175
6) Fiery BBQ Fries- Rs 199
7) Double Down Original - Rs 169
8) Chizza Large - Rs 356

The Best Part About Their Burgers Is That The Pattys Are In House And They Aren't Like Your Regular Store Brought Frozen Patty.

The Seasoning Of All The Burgers Were Just Right And If You Were To Seperate The Patty From The Bun You Can Notice For Yourself How Tender And Juicy Their Pattys Are.

Their Chicken Steak Burger Is A DEFINITE Must Try It's A Burger Which Stands Out From The Rest Of Their Burgers Also If You Didn't Notice Their Burgers Are Priced Really Low, Rs 166 For A Delicious Juicy Chicken Burger With 3 Pattys Now Ain't That Insane 😍

Steak Club Sandwich As Well Was A Delight To Have. Having A Perfectly Cooked Piece Of Steak Is Just Blissful.

Loads Of Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Shredded Chicken And Fries And Thats Fiery BBQ Fries For You. Not A Big Fan Of BBQ Sauce As It Has That Sweet Content Which I Don't Prefer In Savoury Dishes.

In Double Down Basically The Bun Is Replaced With Crispy Boneless Fried Chicken. This Is Pretty Much Another Must Another Must Try Here.

PpppWell Chizza Is Pizza On A Fried Chicken, Yeah I Know It's Too Good To Be True 🤤 Also This Has A Massive Amount Of Cheese On Top And The Cheese Pull Is Just Insane.










Here's What I Had

Peri Peri Chicken Burger
Double Cheese Burger
Chicken Steak Burger
Fiery BBQ Fries
XXX Burger
Chicken Steak Club Sandwich
Double Down Original
Chizza Large