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Chef Komal's Kitchen

CKK (Chef Komal's Kitchen) From Kitchen Of Maharaja Is Quite Popularly Known For It's Authentic Seafood And Local Mangalorean Cuisine. They Also Serve Chinese And Tandoor Varieties In The Evening.

The Menu Include's:

1) Butter Garlic Lobster - Rs 1200 (Varies As Per Catch Of The Day)
2) Squid Ghee Roast
3) Pomfret Tandoori
4) Crab Meat Green Roast
5) Chicken 88 - Rs 190

This Is Most Probably My 4th Time Having Lobster Since I Came To India, Loved The Presentation Of This Dish Where You Had That Wonderful Butter Garlic Lobster Meat Still Resting In It's Shell. The Aroma As Well Was Quite Intense With All That Butter Also The Meat Was Well Cooked In That Wonderful Butter Garlic Sauce And The Overall Dish Was Absolutely Delicious.

Ahh Their Iconic Gheeroast, Be It Chicken Prawns Or Squid You Must Definitely Try It. Well Cooked Squid Covered Up In Their Amazing Gheeroast Masala Is Always A Delight To Have. What I Loved The Most Was The Portion Size Which Was Just Perfect.

Well Their Pomfret Tandoori Is Something Unique That I've Actually Tried And I've Really Loved Having. I'm Not A Fan Of Having Fish As Such But Damn This Was Just Perfect, A 10 On 10 Deliciously Mouth Watering Dish And Is A Definite Must Try Here.

This Particular Dish The Crab Meat Green Roast Is A Dish I Actually Didn't Like Due To The Overpowering Taste Of The Masala It Just Took My Taste Buds For A Spin. The Crab Meat On It's Own Was Quite Delicious Though.

Chicken 88 Was Yet Another Lip Smacking Dish I've Tried Here. It's Had A Slight Crispy Coating Covered In Intense Aromatic Masalas.

Had A Wonderful Experience @ckkmangalore Hoping To Go Back Try Out More Of Their Lip Smacking Food 🐼










Here's What I Had

Butter Garlic Lobster
Squid Ghee Roast
Pomfret Tandoori
Crab Meat Green Roast
Chicken 88