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Cilantro Is Small Home Based Business Run By A Mother And Daughter Duo Who Provides Hearty Homemade Food With The Freshest Of Ingredients Without Compromising On The Quality Of Their Products.

Received @cilantro_mlr Special Weekend Combo Priced At Rs 200 A While Back And We've Also Ordered A Few Extra Items As Well After Going Through Their Mouth Watering Menu.

Here's What We Had:

1) Beef Fry - Rs 250
2) Chilli Chicken Buns - Rs 25

The Weekend Combo Combo Consists Of Half A Portion Of Creamy Chicken, 3 Pieces Of Paneer Batura And 2 Pieces Of Chicken Stuffed Batura

Chicken In The Gravy Was Slightly Dry, It Had A Thick Consistency Which I Liked But It Had An Extra Touch Of Salt So Some Of You Might Probably Find It Salty.

These Mini Chicken Stuffed Batura Have A Spiced Up Creamy Chicken Filling Which I Really Liked, And It Went Well With Creamy Chicken As Well. They Could Have Been Have Been A Bit Bigger Probably The Same Size Of The Paneer Batura Would Have Been Nice.

The Paneer Batura Had Me Puzzled For A While There As I Expected It To Have Some Sort Off Paneer Filling But Then I Realized That Paneer Is Incorporated In The Batter, They Were Also Quite Quite Fluffy And Had A Good Texture To It.

Flavouring Was Really Good On The Beef But It Wasn't Cooked Evenly Though The Ones Which Were Cooked Turned Out To Be Pretty Amazing.

Onto The Chilli Chicken Chicken Buns The Buns Have A Slight Crisp To It, Maybe A Little More Of Spice Would Have Been Better. I Know It's A Weird Paring But These Chilli Chicken Buns Go Really Well With The Creamy Chicken From The Weekend Combo.








Here's What I Had

Special Weekend Combo
Beef Fry
Chilli Chicken Buns