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Mark These Words; Kudla Has Never Tasted Fusion Food This Authoritatively Or Elegantly Cooked. From The Cosmopolitan Kitchens of Bombay Have Come Chefs Who Under The Right Patronage, Will Flip Around The Mangalorean High Dining Milieu For The Better. Wanna Be A Patron? Stick Around.

Here’s What I Had:

1) Bharwan Tandoori Potato - Rs 230
2) Baby Lamb Galawati - Rs 350
3) Goat Cheese Gnocchi - Rs 250
4) Chicken Smoked Pot Tikka - Rs 295
5) Shallow Fried Corn Kernel Basket - Rs 230
6) Burrata Cheese Caponata - Rs 300
7) Teriyaki Chicken Pizza - Rs 350
8) Kingfish Fillet With Singaporean Egg Sauce - APS
9) Tandoor Jheenga Peeli Mirch - APS
10) Prawns XO Sauce - Rs 415
11) Dudhi Halwa - Rs 150

It’s Not Too Often That Veg Dishes Get Served With Flair As This. The ‘Bharwan’ Or Stuffed Tandoori Potato Flute Has Mashed Cottage Cheese, Mushroom & Spinach On The Inside. Apart From The Chunkiness & Mouthfeel Of The Little Parcel, The Army Of Aromatic Spices Mixed In Caught Me Off Guard. One Of The Top Offerings From TCW, & Ideal Finger Food.

Galawati Kabab Is Said To Have Been Created For A Nawab Who’d Lost His Teeth. The Literal Melt-In-The-Mouth Texture Like Baby Food, But For Indulgent Adults. The Baby Lamb Galouti Here Has Purportedly Been Tenderized 18 Times, & It Shows. The Spice Mix Kneaded In Tastes Primarily Of Clove, Bay Leaf, Cardamom & Star Anise. All the Top Spices In, But Aren’t We Forgetting The King? Saffron, The Monarch, Is Infused In The Flattened Sheermal Bread That Forms The Base For This Pasty Kebab. It’s Also Saffron, That Coats The Tongue With The Deep Mutton, Long After It’s Made Its Way Into The Tummy.

The Gnocchi Was A Little Dumpling Of Joy. Lightly Steamed & Highly SOFT, To The Point Of Mushiness, The Content Was A Smear Of Lightly Salty Goat Cheese. The Well Seasoned Coarse Sauce The Gnocchi Were Cooked In Was A Perfect Foil To The Texture Of The Li’l Packets.

Smoke Pot, Eat Chicken. No, I Don’t Mean It In That Order, Especially In The Lockdown. This Pot Smoked Chicken Holds The Aroma In During The Cooking Process Like Nobody’s Business, Intensifying The Flavour On The Meat, Not Just From The Beads Of Condensation Collected On Its Contours. The Chilli Marination Is Amped Up Too, & The Meat Delectable Without Complaint.

The Shallow Fried Corn Kernel Basket Is ‘Jolly’ Food If You Catch My Drift. With A Great Presentation & Solid Crunch, This Is Ideal Accompaniment To Good Drink.

The Burrata Caponata Salad Is A Fine Ensemble; With Both Crunchy Romaine & Iceburg Lettuce, Pine Nuts, Mellow & Stretchy Burrata (Mozarella With Cream Cheese Filling), Zesty Cherry Tomatoes, & A Light Drizzle Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Team Up With That Intense Balsamic Dressing(Sour Punk Ain’t Got Nothing On This). This Star Studded Salad & The Chicken Caesar Are Their Prime Hors D’oeuvres.

The Teriyaki Chicken Pizza Is Thin Crust, But BURSTING From That Cheese & Toppings In Proportion To How Delicate The Base Feels. The Glazed Teriyaki Chicken Chunks (Fusion Food Here, With The Candied Japanese Style Chicken) & The Minimal Veggies Are Perfectly Added, To Complete A Pizza That Makes You Go “Mamma Mia” & “Subarashi” At The Same Time!

Kingfish Or Anjal Fillet With A Singaporean Egg Sauce Is A Curious Fusion That Piqued My Interest As Soon As It Was Brought To The Table, But The Flavours Enraptured Me Just As Fast. The Mild Kingfish Soaks Up The Creamy Egg Sauce And The Mellow Sesame Seeds Sprinkled Atop Deliver That Final Punch In Taste.

Tandoori Jhinga (Prawns) Were Delightfully Fresh, Juicy & Seasoned Mildly Enough To Enjoy The Flavour Of The Crustacean On Its Own. Fresh Prawn Makes A STRONG Claim To The “King Of Seafood” Throne.

Batter Fried Prawns In the Mysterious Xo Sauce Are The Epitome Of “Over-The-Top” Yet Absolutely Scrumptious. That Spicy Seafood Infused Coarse Sauce Couldn’t Get Better, As The Intense Dip For The Batter Fried Crustaceans. Screams Happily In Kitsch.

Dudhi Or Calabash (Bottle Gourd) Halwa May Not Land In The Top Desserts I’ve Tried, & If So, It Would Solely Be Given That This Vegetable Isn’t Close To My Palate. Not Even Close. But The Milky Caramelisation Of The Mash With The Cardamom Seeds Render It A Perfect End To This Meal.








Here's What I Had

Bharwan Tandoori Potato
Baby Lamb Galawati
Goat Cheese Gnocchi
Chicken Smoked Pot Tikka
Shallow Fried Corn Kernel Basket
Burrata Cheese Caponata
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza
Kingfish Fillet With Singaporean Egg Sauce
Tandoor Jheenga Peeli Mirch
Prawns XO Sauce
Dudhi Halwa