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Fish Land

@fishland.mlr.kadri Is A New Sea Food Joint In Town Serving Up Some Lip Smacking Sea Food Delicacies In Mangalore ❤

The Menu Include's:

1) Maanji Tawa Fry
2) Maanji Ghee Roast
3) Bangude Tawa Fry
4) Squid Ghee Roast
5) Prawns Tawa Fry
6) Chicken Manchurian
7) Kori Rotti

Maanji Tawa Fry Was Phenomenal, A Must Try Dish Here. The Fish Is Perfectly Cooked And You'll Get To Know That Once You Take A Bite Of It With That Amazing Masala.

Loved The Gheeroast Masala Straight Off, It's Mildly Spiced And That Taste Just Lingers Long Enough On Your Taste Buds To Make You Order Another One. This Will Be The Same Masala In All Of The Gheeroast Dishes. Mentioned Below. The Maanji (Pomfret) Was Perfectly Cooked And Went Well With The Masala.

Bangude (Mackerel) Has This Delicious Intense Masala Which I Really Loved Even More Than The Fish Itself Because It Was Slightly Over Cooked.

Squid Ghee Roast Is Another Bang On Dish, Basically Everything Gheeroast Turned Out To Be Amazing Except For A Few Kinks Here And There With The Hero Ingredient.

Prawns Tawa Fry Turned Out To Be Salty But The Prawns Were Well Cooked And Were Yummm.

The Chicken Manchurian Turned Out To Be Crispy Which Was Really Good Actually, Tossed In Gentle Manchurian Masala This Dish Is Something I'd Love To Have Again For Round 2.

And Finally We Have Kori Rotti With Chicken Gravy. Not A Fan Per Se Of This Dish In General So I Just Had A Bite Of It. The Chicken Was Really Succulent And The Kori Rotti Went Well With The Gravy.










Here's What I Had

Maanji Tawa Fry
Maanji Ghee Roast
Bangude Tawa Fry
Squid Ghee Roast
Prawns Tawa Fry
Chicken Manchurian
Kori Rotti