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Goodies Green Bamboo

The Ever’Green’ Shawarma & Grill Spot For KMCites From Many Sweet Years Now, ‘Goodies’ Has Consistently Delivered On Its Jovial Name. Hence It Was With Palpable Excitement That Many Of Us Walked In When They’d Freshly Renovated To Include Dishes Like The Trending Yemeni Mandi And The Malayali Kizhi In Their Menu And Here’s How It Panned Out.

Here's What I Had:

1) Mutton Kizhi Biryani - Rs 240
2) Chicken Malai Tikka - Rs 190
3) Green Bamboo Special Tikka (Boneless) - Rs 260

The Kerala Kizhi Being A Relatively New Culinary Phenomenon To The Crowd In Namma Kudla, It’s Hot Stuff. This One Was, & Quite Literally. The Sizzling Banana Leaf Package Opened Up To A Burst Of Deep Meatiness. When Rice, Spices And Meat Are Steamed In A Banana Leaf, The Trapping Of Aroma And A Mixing Of The Sizzled Banana Leaf Birth A Fragrance That’s At Best, A Gastronomic Imprint Of The Rustic Side Of North Kerala. Here, The Mutton Was Cooked To Succulence, The Flavours On It And The Various Spices In The Marinade Well Balanced Between Spicy, Sweet, And Sour. Perfectly Balanced, May I Correct Myself. The Rice Was Comparatively Nothing That Stood Out, But A Good Accompaniment To The Meat.

Both These Tikkas Can Be Put In The Same Boat Really, Each Plate Having 8 Pieces, Both Mildly Parched, Yet Intense & Varied In Terms Of The Flavour Profile. Malai Expectedly Is The Creamier One, And Some More Moisture On This Would’ve Been The Catalyst For Terming It A GREAT Tikka.








Here's What I Had

Chicken Malai Tikka
Green Bamboo Special Tikka (Boneless)