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K9 Restro Cafe

Opened Up Almost Two Months Back After The Lockdown @k9restro Has Made A Major Improvement To The Menu Also They Now Serve Sizzlers As Well.

I Know A Major Lot Of People That Never Really Liked The Food In This Place Including Me, I Used To Just Come Here To Play With The Dogs As I've Never Had A Good Experience With Their Food But Ever Since They've Opened Up After The Lockdown I've Come To This Place To Just Have Their Food And I Haven't Been Disappointed So Far.

Here's What I Had:

1) Mom's Paneer Gheeroast - Rs 189
2) Bombay Grilled Sandwich - Rs 119
3) Cool Blue - Rs 129

You Can Definitely Taste The Gentle Notes Of Them Red Chillies In There, Cooked To Perfection And Their Gheeroast Has Definitely Improved From Before And Might Be Something You Could Try Out Here On Your Next Visit.

A Classic Bombay Grilled Club Sandwich Filled With Mint Chutney Potatoes And Cheese. Now This Sandwich When I Had It The First Two Times They Were Pretty Amazing But Upon A Recent Visit The Look And Taste Of It Changed For The Worst And Yeah That Was A Disappointment.

Their Cool Blue And Virgin Mojito (Picture Not Included) Is A Pretty Neat Refreshment You Can Sip On And Relax Without A Care In the World.

The Food Here Is Pretty Much A Hit Or Miss Kind Of Situation. Sometimes It's Good Sometimes It's Not, In Short The Quality Of Food Here Isn't Consistent.








Here's What I Had

Mom's Paneer Gheeroast
Bombay Grilled Sandwich
Cool Blue