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Knight Street Resto

The Much Feted Tikka Street Expanded Their Delivery Hours Once Upon A Time, And Thus Was Born Their Sister Concern Knight Street. Now The Time Has Come For The Cloud Kitchen That Delighted Us All During The Lockdown (Moi Especially) With Affordable Pricing, Long Delivery Reach And Guilty Good Grub, To Expand Into A Physical Resto-Cafe. Their Life Has Virtually Come Full Circle, One Might Say. Now Here’s What I Experienced At This Celebrated Spot, A Few Days Ago.

Here’s What I Had:

1) Smoked BBQ Wings - Rs 160
2) No Bun BBQ Burger - Rs 250
5) Stuffed Chicken Platter - Rs 250
3) Tamarind Mojito - Rs 90
4) Biscoff Milkshake - Rs 170

I’ve Always Considered Chicken Wings As Plain Indulgence Rather Than A Necessity. Why? Effort To Pluck The Meat Apart From The Wings Outweighs The ‘Fruit’, In This Case The Crackling Roast Skin And Thin Layer Of Meat Underneath It. This Here Then, Was Enjoyable Against Expectations. The Tangy BBQ Sauce Was Sweet n Smoky As Expected, If Mild. Oh, And There’s Also An Obvious Heaping Of Masala Atop It. Served With Their Classic Dip.

Must I Continue To Rant About This Divine No Bun Burger Every Now And Then? I’ll Bore Myself, Going On And On About How Sinfully Good It Is. If You’re New To My Posts, Go On And Refer My Previous Reviews Of This Place.

The Stuffed Chicken Platter Had A Good Chicken Breast With A Thick Gravy, Delish But Subtly Over-The-Top, If You Ask Me For An Oxymoron To Describe It. The Mashed Potatoes Were Creamy And Textbook. Scrumptious.

Tamarind Mojito? Quite A Gleaming Fusion; North Indian (For Drinks) And Continental Beverages. And So It Was That I Placed The Order. Sad To Say, It Was Much Ado About Very Little. I Think It’s Supposed To Be Tongue Smacking Tangier Than The Skewed Super-Sweet It Came To Me As. Oh, Well.

Biscoff Milkshake? Bring It On! And I’d Order This Again With Both Eyes Closed, That’s How Thick Their Glaze Of Royal Caramelly Biscoff In This Drink Is. Did I Forget To Add How They Mix The Spread AND The Biscuit? Tub Thumping Good, And One Of Their Must Tries!









Here's What I Had

Smoked BBQ Wings
No Bun BBQ Burger
Stuffed Chicken Platter
Tamarind Mojito
Biscoff Milkshake