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Knock Knock Burgers

Received This Messy Combination Of Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings Priced At Rs 215 And Sloppy Chicken Burger Priced At Rs 165 A Week Back From @knockknockburgers

Absolutely Loved Their Sloppy Burger It Was So Tender And Juicy And I Couldn't Get Enough Of It. Their Sloppy Chicken Burger Is A Definite Must Try.

The Wings Honestly I Preferred Having It Without The Dip. The Balance Of Sweetness And The Right Amount Of Spice Was Just Perfect On Them Wings. If You're A Wings Person Then This Is Something You Must Try.

I Generally Don't Prefer Having Wings As You Have Less Meat On Them But I'd Make An Exception For Their Sweet And Spicy Wings 🐼




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Here's What I Had

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings
Sloppy Chicken Burger