The Big Hungry Panda



Got My Hands On These Assortment Of Kunafa Last Week From @kunafthi Which Included 4 Different Flavours Of Kunafa. You Have Cream, Cheese, Nutella And Lotus As In Lotus Biscoff.

They Come In 5 Different Sizes As Well, You Have The Smallest Size For Rs 35, The Cup Size (Which I Opted For) For Rs 65, Small For Rs 100, Medium For Rs 250 And Large For Rs 500

I Personally Loved The Nutella And Cheese Variant, The Traditional Cream Kunafa As Well Was A Delight To Have. Now The Lotus Variant I Found It To Be Pretty Decent But It Didn't Have That Iconic Biscoff Taste As The Flavor Suggests.

Nonetheless These Kunafa's Are An Absolute Must Try🐼








Here's What I Had

Assorted Kunafa