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Mel's Kitchen

Mels Kitchen Has Taken The Cloud Kitchen Scene By Storm, Offering A Diversity That Is Equal Parts Global And Authentic. Just The Other Day I Did A Night-Time Featurette For Mels After Expressing An Interest In Covering The Dozen Or So New Cloud Kitchens. This Was The First Of The Lot That We Tried.

Here's What I Ordered:

1) Salisbury Chicken Steak - Rs 220
2) Mushroom Pepper Fry - Rs 150

The First Dish Was A Sophisticated Sounding Main Course. Apparently Of American Origin, The Salisbury Steak Has Ground Beef, And Various Added Fillings Like Onions, Breadcrumbs, Worcestershire Sauce And Eggs. This Salisbury Steak Turned Out To Be Ground Chicken Patties Which Upon Looking Later, Was Certainly Mentioned In The Fine Print. Yet This Left Me A Bit Deflated As I Was Expecting Steak. Other Than That, I Thought The Meaty-Umami Sauce Added A Good Depth Of Flavour To The Creamy Mashed Potatoes. While A Bit Salty, It Didn't Unbalance Much For Me, And It Was Thus Acceptable In The End As A Flavour-Packed Dish.

The Mushroom Pepper Fry, On The Exact Other End Of National-Origin, Had A Delightful Spicy Punch To The Velvety 'Shrooms. Including The Satisfactory Quantity And Right Down To The After Taste Of Roasted Coconut, This Was Spot On, And I Might End Up Ordering These Again For A Coupling With Some Crackling Porottas.








Here's What I Had

Salisbury Chicken Steak
Mushroom Pepper Fry