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Mirage Resto Cafe

This Cute Cafe With Comprehensive Pink Decor That Toes The Fine Line Between Kitsch And Classy Chintz, Brooks No Such Dilemma With Its Good Food. P.S. I’m Guilty As Charged When It Comes To The Subject Of Posting Regularly, And That Can Be Put Down To My Other Commitments, That Had To Consign This Blog To The Back Burner For The Longest Time. Now, Without Any Further Delay.

Here’s What I Had:

1) Chicken Nachos Ultimate - Rs 260
2) Cream Of Chicken Soup - Rs 170
3) BBQ Cottage Cheese Fritters - Rs 220
4) Spicy Chicken Pizza - Rs 420
5) Crispy Chicken Burger - Rs 300

These Crisp Nachos Are Topped With Fresh Cream, A Tangy Salsa, Gooey Mozarella, Piquant Kidney Beans, Lettuce, Olives And Chunks of Grilled Spicy Chicken. It’s Self Explanatory As To How One Can Be Bewitched By The Explosion Of Flavours This Offers, And Your Boy Is No Exception. My Favourite Starter From Here, And Consistent Too.

This Cream Of Chicken Soup Is Moderately Thick, Just Enough To Lazily Slide Down The Tongue And Warmly Bless Every Nook And Cranny Of Ones Mouth. The Shreds Of Chicken Are Added By No Misers Hand, And The Subtly Present Zing Of Pepper Soothed My Sore Throat Like Nothing More Enjoyable Can.

The BBQ Cottage Fritters I Had Were A Bit Of A Wet Blanket For The Rubbery Texture, Though The Smoky-Sweet BBQ Sauce Marinade Was Commendable. Fell Short Of The Mark.

The Spicy Chicken Pizza Was Bubbling With Cheese And The Fresh Meaty, Verdant Toppings Were A Definite Bonus. The Fluffy Crust Played A Good Foil To The Spicy Sauce Layered Above It, And Safe To Say, I Will Order This Again.

The Crispy Chicken Burger Surely Had Lofty Standards To Live Up To, What With The Plethora Of Burgers I’ve Had In The Past Few Years, But A Simple Mistake Did This In Quite Early On. Far Be It From Me To Exhaustively Judge A Good Burger On The Feature Of Fine Ratios Between Meat And Veggie/Sauce Filling, Or A Particular Thickness Of Bun, But If A Meaty Patty Is Chewy, There’s No Excusing It.








Here's What I Had

Chicken Nachos Ultimate
Cream Of Chicken Soup
BBQ Cottage Cheese Fritters
Spicy Chicken Pizza
Crispy Chicken Burger