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Olive Street Food Cafe

@olivestreetfoodcafe In Mangalore Is Known For Its Unbelievable Prices And Decent Food.

The Place Is Always Packed And The Seating Options Are Slim So My Suggestion To You Is That You Order In And Enjoy Your Meal.

Here's What I Had:

1) Desi Fatty Burger - Rs 98
2) Porota Lays Chicken Mix - Rs 40
3) Steak Porota Roll - Rs 55
4) Lucknow Grilled Porota - Rs 75
5) Mugalai Sandwich - Rs 65
5) Oreo Peanut - Rs 65
6) Voyager Twist - Rs 105
7) Mint 'n' Vanilla - Rs 65

A Juicy Burger With A Nice Piece Of Tender Chicken Patty Some Fresh Produce And A Good Deal Of Cheese, The Desi Fatty Burger Has My Heart Forever And Is Totally Worth The Unbelievable Price. This Here Is A Definite Must Try.

Porota Lays Chicken Mix Is A Super Yumm And Super Crunchy Wrap You Can Ever Ask For, The Pairing Of Flavours Was Really Good But It Was A Bit Salty, Other Than That It Was A Splendid Wrap.

The Falvouring Was Mild And Subtle For The Steak Porota Roll, The Filling For This And The Chicken Lays Mix Feels Similar But I'm Not Quite Sure About It. Overall It Was Pretty Decent.

A Personal Favourite Of Mine Was The Lucknow Grilled Porota, You Have A Yumm Chicken Mix With Some Good Flavours And A Nice Omelette Folded In A Grilled Porota This Here Is A Definite Must Try.

I've Tried Their Mugalai Sandwich Before It's Really Nice And Creamy And Is Loaded With Diced Chicken. Recently They Have Added A Layer Of Mint To The Sandwich As Well Which Some People Might Really Love But Honestly I Love Their Original Mugalai Better.

Oreo Peanut Butter Is One Classic Flavour Of Theirs It's Super Delicious But It's Also Super Sweet So All I Had Was A Sugar Rush From This.

Voager Twist Was The Best Of All The Shakes I've Tried Here. It's A Combination Of Dry Prunes, Mango And Vanilla Ice Cream. It's Quite A Thick Shake With Irresistible Flavours. This One Here Is A Definite Must Try.

After Having So Much Of Food I Tried The Mint And Vanilla Milk Shake Which Was Quite Good But This Combination Was Too Overwhelming After Having All That Food.

Thanks @olivestreetfoodcafe For Having Me Over 🐼










Here's What I Had

Desi Fatty Burger
Porota Lays Chicken Mix
Steak Porota Roll
Luknow Grilled Porota
Mugalai Sandwich