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Teri Maki Sushi

Here's Me Trying Out The Prawns Tempura Maki Priced At Rs 290 From Mangalores First Sushi Takeaway Service @terimakisushi

Fresh Crispy Golden Tempura Prawns Layered With Fine Slices Of Avocado And Cucumber, A Bit Of Mayo And Is Then Wrapped With Sushi Rice In Nori (Edible Seaweed Sheets) You Also Get A Little Bit Of Gari (Pickled Ginger) Some Amazing Wasabi And Soy Sauce.

I Truly Enjoyed Having This Especially The Wasabi It Packed A Powerful Punch To My Taste Buds. Dab A Bit Of Wasabi Onto Your Sushi And Dip It In The Soy Sauce, This Is Generally How I Enjoy Having Sushi.

Also If Your Looking For An Authentic Sushi Experience, Off The Menu They Also Serve Various Salmon Sashimi Varieties Which Is Basically Fresh Raw Salmon.

P. S They Import Norwegian Wild Atlantic Salmon Just For This Purpose 🐟

A Fine Sushi Experience Now At Affordable Costs, Place Your Orders Now @terimakisushi 🐼








Here's What I Had

Prawns Tempura Maki