The Big Hungry Panda


Wok & Fork

They Finally Opened Up Another Branch Which Is Kinda Easier To Go Too Now For Me. When It Comes To Good Food The Closer The Outlet Is To You The Happier You Are And Manh Am I Happy, Plus They Have Some New Additions To The Menu ❤

The Menu Include's:
1) Peri Peri Momos (Fried) - Rs 99
2) Peri Peri Momos (Steamed) - Rs 89
3) Squid Butter Garlic - Rs 169
4) Lemon Chicken - Rs 139
5) Season Curraco - Rs 59
6) Kokum Kingdom - Rs 59

Peri Peri Momos Steamed & Fried Is Something New On Their Menu And Damn It Was Spicy AF And Hot AF 😂 The Spice Content Was Muwaahh. A Definite Must Try And Personal Recommendations Are The Fried Ones Of Course.

Loved The Flavouring Of The Squid Butter Garlic. This One's Loaded With A Lot Of Butter So If Your Health Conscious Beware. The Rest Of You Hungry People Can Dig In 🤤 The Squid Was A Tad Chewy So That Need To Be Improved.

Had Lots Of Different Varieties Of Lemon Chicken In The Past Year And This One Was Pretty Much Similar.The Chicken Was Well Cooked And The Seasoning Was Perfect. It Could Have Been Spicy I Guess But Then Again I Like Everything To Be Spicy 😂

A Few Thirst Quenchers Have Been Introduced In The Menu And Blue Curraco & Kokum Kingdom Are A Part Of It. Personally Recommended The Blue Curraco As It Has A Subtle Taste And Isn't Too Overpowering.










Here's What I Had

Peri Peri Momos (Fried)
Peri Peri Momos (Steamed)
Squid Butter Garlic
Lemon Chicken
Season Curraco
Kokum Kingdom