The Big Hungry Panda


Zagors Kitchen

@zagorskitchen Is Basically A Small Shack Rolling Out Some Amazing Mouth Watering Dishes. They Can't Accommodate A Lot Of People So I'd Suggest Ordering In.

The Menu Include's:
1) Ghee Roast Momos - Rs 160
2) Butter Chicken Momos - Rs 150
3) Butter Garlic Chicken - Rs 180
4) Cheesy Chicken Pasta - Rs 170

The Best Momo's I've Had So Far In My Life And Both Of Them Were Amazing. Perfect Balanced Flavours. The Momo's Were Well Cooked As Well. The Ghee Roast Momo's Were My Favorite From The Two And Are A Must Try Here.

Not The Best Butter Garlic Chicken I've Had. The Flavours Were Decent But The Chicken Turned Out To Be A Tad Rubbery.

Didn't Enjoy The Pasta Much As Well, Though The Pasta Was Perfectly Cooked And The Sauce Was Yumm I Had The Same Issue With The Chicken.










Here's What I Had

Ghee Roast Momos
Butter Chicken Momos
Butter Garlic Chicken
Cheesy Chicken Pasta