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Mumbai - The Land Of Good Food, No, Make That Great Food, Is Where This Authentic Parsi Restaurant Is Located And Has Been Running Since 1923. Though The Place Might Sound Pretty Old, Their Ambience Is Still The Same And The Decor Gives You Vintage Feeling. They Also Only Accept Cash. So, No Online Payment Would Be Accepted Here. Carry Cash As It Would Be Required To Try Out Their Delicious Delicacies.

Here's What I Had:

Kheema Berry Pav - Rs 550
Mishti Doi - Rs 170
Caramel Custard - Rs 170

Coming From All The Way From Iran, The Berries In The Kheema Pav Is An Archaic Form Of Pulav That's Hard To Come By These Days. Personally Speaking, If I Had To Choose I Would Any Day Opt For Pulav Delicious Like This One Over Any Other Type Available These Days. The Visuals Of The Plate Took Over My Heart And One Can't Control To Dig In Into This Scrumptious Serving Of Kheema Berry Pav. Along With Just The Right Quantity, They Have A Vegetarian Option For All The Veggies Lovers Out There, But Kheema Would Always Be Something I Would Choose Over This.

Mishti Doi - I Guess The Name Says It All, It Is A Sweet Curd Made With Milk, Curd Culture And Jaggery. This Bengali Dessert Will Definetly Be The Perfect Way To End You Meal On Any Day. Served In Earthen Matka, It Gave A Sense Of Tradition And I Guess Slightly Enhanced The Flavour As Well. A Must Try Here Which Should Be On Your Order List.

Creamy Caramel Over Silky Custard, This Dessert Will Melt In Your Mouth Once You Take A Bite. This Traditional French Delicacy Is Prepared With Minimal Ingredients But Is Always A Joy To The Palate. This Vanilla Tinged Custard Is Filled Into Caramel Cups And Baked, It Turns Into A Fabulous Dessert Which Awakens Your Taste Buds.


Wakefield House, 16, 11, Sport Rd, opp. New Custom House, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400038




Monday : 12pm – 4pm
Tuesday : 12pm – 4pm
Wednesday : 12pm – 4pm
Thursday : 12pm – 4pm
Friday : 12pm – 4pm
Saturday : 12pm – 10pm
Sunday : Closed








Here's What I Had

Kheema Berry Pav
Mishti Doi
Caramel Custard