The Big Hungry Panda


Coffee By Di Bella

Well I've Heard A Lot About This Place From My Friends So I Thought Of Paying Them A Visit In Mumbai. This Particular Branch I've Visited Has An Outdoor Seating Arrangement And Was Pet Friendly As Well ❤

The Menu Include's:
1) Ferrero Rocher Waffle - Rs 320
2) Classic Wonderland - Rs 300

Freshly Baked Waffle With A Scoop Of Premium Chocolate Ice Cream, A Side Of Whipped Cream With A Chocolate Drizzle And Ferrero Rocher. Well The Dessert Looked Amazing Totally Loved The Presentation But What's More Important Is The Taste And Feel Of The Waffle Which Turned Out To Be A Disappointment. Even The Chocolate Ice Cream Was Terrible.

Butter Croissant Filled With 3 Scoops Of Ice Cream And Is Topped With Chocolate Sauce And Rainbow Crispy Pearls. This Was Again A Disappointment As The Croissant Was Really Dry And Hard And It's The Same Terrible Chocolate Ice Cream.

Well I'm Not Giving Up On This Place Yet, I'll Be Reviewing Them When I'm In Town Next Time 🐼










Here's What I Had

Ferrero Rocher Waffle
Classic Wonderland