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Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Cafés May Often Be Humdrum In Embracing Modernity In Menu And Soul, But Those That Marry Modernity With Culture Tend To Be Outright Livewires. One Such Quaint Franchised Cafe With A Curated Aura Of '60s Bombay And A Menu Faithful to Parsi Delights And Anglo-Indian Food, Is Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Thane. SBOW Has Promised And Delivered A Trip Down Mumbaikar History, As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Parsis.

I Visited It On My Last Trip To Mumbai, And Came Away With All Expectations Placated.

Here's What I Ordered:

1) Bhuna Chicken Sandwich - Rs 360
2) Eggs Kejriwal - Rs 245
3) Old Bawa - Rs 435

The Bhuna Chicken Sandwich Is Probably Inspired By Bademiya, That Legendary Kabab Eatery At Wellington Pier In South Bombay. It's Mixed In With A Hefty Load Of Cheese, All Stuffed Between 2 Divinely Grilled Slices Of Bread And Served Alongside Some Comically Long Fries. This Is A Comprehensive Tummy-Filler We're Looking At Here, Which Also Packs A Solid Flavour Profile.

Coming Into This World At Willingdon Sports Club In The '60s, The Sophisticated Eggs Kejriwal Has A Simple Demeanour, It's Egg Served Sunny Side Up On Toast. Yes, It Also Has Finely Chopped Green Chillies, Mushroom And Assimilated Cheese, But Despite It's Amusing History, The Pricing For This Delicious Snack Is Slightly Outrageous.

Old Bawa, While Also Referencing 'Old Monk', Is A Cheeky Tribute To The Wizened Parsi Everyman-Philosopher One Used To Find At Most Irani Cafes In The Decades Past. With Maple Syrup Blended Into Whiskey, Bitters And Fresh Apple Juice, The Fruity Tone On This Cocktail Is Strong, As Is The Fierce Aftertaste Of Woody Cinnamon.








Here's What I Had

Bhuna Chicken Sandwich
Eggs Kejriwal
Old Bawa