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How Many Of Us Love A Good Cuppa Arabica Coffee? What About If It’s Organic, Single Source, & Put Through Chemex, Aeropress Or French Press? Confused? Blue Tokai Is Trying To Educate Urbane Indians On The Various Artisanal Methods Of Brewing Coffee To Extract The Finest Flavour & Look Beyond Instant Coffee. While Here, I Loved Their Perfect Concoctions & Their Expansive Collection Of @masonandco_chocolate , A Bean-To-Bar, Similarly Single Source Vegan Chocolate Company. The Sparse Seating Leaves Much To Be Desired, But I Serendipitously Got My Window Seat Overlooking The Busy Street.

Here’s What I Tried:

1) Avocado Toast With An Additional Poached Egg - Rs 276 + Rs 95
2) Smoked Chicken Scrambled Eggs On Sourdough - Rs 285
3) Iced Americano - Rs 152
4) Cappuccino - Rs 180 (Image Not Included)

Mashed Avocado On Toast Has Been In Existence Since The Pre-Mayan American Civilizations. That It Gained ‘Grammable Validation In Just The Last Decade Is Besides The Matter. It’s Almost A Luxurious Joy To Bite Into Creamy Butterfruit On Firm, Crisp Toast, And When This Contrasting Texture Is Doubled By The Runny Yolk And Soft Whites From The Egg, It’s A Potentially Booming Breakfast.

The Favourite Child From My Visits Here, The Chunky Smoked Chicken Was Adequate In Quantity, And The Fluffy Scrambled Eggs On The Dukkah Seasoned Whole Wheat Sourdough Was A Veritable Delight. While I Found The Sourdough Slightly Rubbery, The Nutty & Spiced Dukkah (That Brings Zaatar To Mind), This Was Overall Very Acceptable Indeed.

The Iced Americano Is A Strong Drink That Pulls One Into Clawing Into The Depths Of Caffeinated Frozen Hell, But Screaming For More. It’s Even Hardcore When Another Untainted Shot Of Espresso Is Added To Spike It Up (Which You Can Ask For), As I Like My Coffee.

The Cappuccino Is A Well Prepared, Frothy Beverage And Delicate In Comparison To The Americano, Courtesy That Dairy. This Team Makes These 2 Drinks Well Enough To Pair Solidly With The Stocked Light Snacks.


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Here's What I Had

Avocado Toast
Smoked Chicken Sourdough
Iced Americano