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Dr. Bubbles

Self Assessed Bubble Tea Specialists, The Franchise Team Of Dr. Bubbles Had Invited Us Over To Sample Their Bubbly Grub. The Low-Key Wacky Decor Replete With High Tables And Bar Stools, Their Serving Of A Variety Of Teas In Lightbulb Shaped Glasses Catches The Eye On First Go. The Pancakes And Waffles Come A Close Second On That Front. Well, Bon Appétit!

Here’s What I Had:

1) Litchi Watermelon Bubble Fruit Tea(Jelly Bubbles) - Rs 160
3) Blueberry Shake With Litchi Bubbles - Rs
2) Sinful Nutella Dutch Pancakes - Rs 130
4) Belgian Chocolate Waffles - Rs 169

The First Drink Reminded Me Positively Of Flavoured Bubble Gum. It’s Perhaps Not A Coincidence That Watermelon With Mango Bubbles Is A Popular Gum Flavour Among Kids, For That’s Where I Remember It From, My Childhood. Here, This One Held Its Own Quite Alright, But For The Fact That The Jelly Was A Bit Too Heavy/Sweet.

Blueberry Based Eat Or Drink Is Often Hard To Balance In Flavour. It’s Nobody’s Fault In Particular, As The Blueberry Essence Itself Has Been Particularly Given To Being Artificial In Nature From Its Time Of Conception. That Accepted, This Shake Here Was Enjoyable, Sweet As Expected, And The Bubbles In THIS Drink Had A Subtleness To The Whole Affair.

The Sinful Nutella Dutch Pancakes Packed Quite A Classy Punch. Silken, Creamy, And Thick In Nutty Sweetness From The Hazel-Nutella, What I Didn’t Appreciate Was How This Was Served A Tad Sloppily.

Belgian Chocolate Waffles. Everyone Loves Them. Don’t Look Around, You Too. That Fragrant Crunch With Softness Of Baked Dough Hidden Inside, The Thickness And Depth Of Chocolatey Flavour....You Get The Idea. What One Doesn’t Want, Is Them Being Too Heavy, Something This Here Is Slightly Guilty Of. Also, That Fluffiness Is Lost As They Had A Very Doughy Mouth Feel. Back To The Drawing Board, Guys!


32nd D Cross Road, 10, 10th B Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011




Monday : 1pm – 10:30pm
Tuesday : 1pm – 10:30pm
Wednesday : 1pm – 10:30pm
Thursday : 1pm – 10:30pm
Friday : 1pm – 10:30pm
Saturday : 1pm – 10:30pm
Sunday : 1pm – 10:30pm








Here's What I Had

Litchi Watermelon Bubble Fruit Tea
Blueberry Shake With Litchi Bubbles
Sinful Nutella Dutch Pancakes
Belgian Chocolate Waffles