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It’s Said That Every Street Of Bangalore Has A Culinary Story To Tell, & In The Bowels Of Indiranagar, @streetstoryss Takes This Quite Literally. Presenting Traditional Vegetarian Street Fare With An Avant-Garde Fusion Twist, Their Food As Well As The Fine Cutlery Stole My Heart. They Must Be Kleptomaniacs, Considering They Probably Have A TON Of Hearts Anyway.

Here’s What @the_weirdough_ & I Had:

1) Thai Corn Cake - Rs 325
2) Moroccan Paneer
3) Banarasi Tamatar Chaat - Rs 325
4) Burmese Khao Suey - Rs 425
5) Wild Mushroom Chettinad & Malabar Paratha - Rs 375
6) Motichoor Ladoo Spring Rolls - Rs 325
7) Frozen Gulkand Kheer - Rs 325
8) Masala Kokum - Rs 175
9) Kaffir Lime & Orange - Rs 175

To Start Off With, The Symbolic Snack Of The Mainly Vegetarian Varanasi, Tomato Chaat. Here, They’d Deep Fried Slices Of Tomato And Rested Them Atop A Purée Of Tomato, Potato & Some Crunchy Ajwain-Ridden Namak Para At The Base. A Moderately Spiced And Especially TANGY Affair, This. Dipping The Fritters Into The Thick Mix And Then Into The Mint Chutney Provided An Understated Burst Of Flavour In Ones Mouth, And for A Few Seconds Made Me Truly A Banarasi Babu.

The Moroccan Paneer Is A Twist On A Simple Paneer Tikka, Marinated In Spices Of The Maghreb & Served With A Spiced Salad. When You’re Going The Fusion Way, Follow The Way Of @tarunsibal & TRY This To Believe How Sublimely It’s Been Curated. The Texture & Flavour Convey An In-House Feel, Definitely Nothing Store-Bought About This Paneer!

It’s The First Time I’m Trying The American Corn Cakes, And These Juicy Cubed Poppers Tossed In The Wok With A Tangy Garnish Of Crunch & The Spicy Chutney? Super Scrumptious.

Khao Suey Is Customarily An Egg Noodle Dish Served In Spiced Coconut Milk With Meat Accompaniments, But Of Late, The Indian Elite Have Adopted A Vegetarian Version Of It, As Their Own. This Used Maggi Noodles, Instead Of The Usual Udon. The Side Toppings Offered Are Dehydrated Onions, Banging Chilli Oil, Spring Onions, Peanuts & Lemon. If You’re Having A Vegan Khao Suey, Have It Here By All Means.

The Malabar Parotta Was Made By No Novice, Lemme Tell You. Super Flaky & Soft, Give Me Some (Mutton) Curry With It And I Can Down 5 Of These! I Didn’t Particularly Enjoy The Mushroom Chettinad, Though. The Shrooms Were A Tad Rubbery & The Masala Flavours On The Extreme Side.

Spring Rolls Stuffed With Ghee Laden Motichoor Ladoo? Take My Money Already! Crisp & Pearly Soft Alternatingly, Served With Some Brown & Polson Custard Drizzle, This Plating Is A Fabulous End To Any Meal, Too.

The Frozen Gulkand Kheer Is Recommended Especially After A Fiery Main Course. The Frosty Rice Pudding, With Rose Petals & Pistachio Will Do Ones Tongue A World Of Good.

Kokum Or Birinda Is The Tangy Souring Agent Of The Western Ghats, Used In Lieu Of Vinegar In Goan & Marathi Pantries. When Squeezed Into A Sherbet, It’s Close To The Summer Lifeline Of Yesteryear’s Indian Populace. Helped My Indigestion Quite A Bit.

The Kaffir Lime & Orange Drink Was Appreciable But Not As Much To Those Who’ve Been Brought Up On Tang. To Shell Out As Much For A Pricier Version Of Tang Is Inane.


Srinivasam Towers, 3155, Indiranagar Double Rd, opp. Thomsun music, Defence Colony, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038




Monday : 12pm – 11pm
Tuesday : 12pm – 11pm
Wednesday : 12pm – 11pm
Thursday : 12pm – 11pm
Friday : 12pm – 11pm
Saturday : 12pm – 11pm
Sunday : 12pm – 11pm








Here's What I Had

Thai Corn Cake
Moroccan Paneer
Banarasi Tamatar Chaat
Burmese Khao Suey
Wild Mushroom Chettinad & Malabar Paratha
Motichoor Ladoo Spring Rolls
Frozen Gulkand Kheer