The Big Hungry Panda


Tea Villa

I Was In Jaynagar Apparently And I Pretty Much Had No Work Whatsoever So I Decided To Take A Walk. An Hour Into My Walk I Found This Beautiful Cafe Called The @teavillacafejayanagar And Well I Guess Y'all Can Guess What Happens Next 😂

The Menu Include's:
1) Mocha Frappe - Rs 250
2) Dutch Pancakes - Rs 250

Rich Chocolate Base With A Hint Of Coffee Topped With 3 Scoops Of Vanilla Ice Cream And A Chocolate Drizzle. This Was Just Like Any Other Regular Frappe, Found This To Be Overpriced Cause I've Had Better Frappe's And The Cost Was Also Decent.

Now The Dutch Pancakes I Really Loved You Get To Choose 3 Flavours Form Nutella, Banana, Maple Syrup, Honey, Dark Or Milk Chocolate. I Had Only Two Of Them Though Which Was Nutella And Maple Syrup And Nutella Was A Clear Winner It Didn't Go We'll With The Maple Syrup.










Here's What I Had

Dutch Pancakes
Mocha Frappe