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The Fatty Bao

What With The Lockdown And Keeping Myself Safe, I Managed To Get Out Of The House To Travel After What Seemed Like A Lifetime, But Was Just A Whole 6 Months. Note, All Precautions Were Taken During My Travels.

I Made My Way To Bangalore For A Day's Escapade Of Food Binging. Boy, 'Twas A Binge Galore! A Whopping 7 Places And I'll Be Posting 5 Of Those Reviews In Detail In The Coming Few Days.

The First Stop Was A Widely-Acclaimed Pan Asian Gastro Bar That I'd Missed On My Last Visit, To My Dismay.

Here's What I Had:

1) Prawn Tempura Sushi Roll - Rs 365
2) Beef And Jalapeno Dim Sum - Rs 355
3) Char Siu Bao - Rs 365
4) Sakura Sakura (Mocktail) - Rs 255
5) Jalapeno Daisy (Mocktail) - Rs 255

To Talk About These Carefully Curated Dishes Requires As Detailed A Train Of Thought As One Can Muster, And Here's Mine.

The Prawn Tempura Sushi Was Stellar On Its Own, With The Wild Flavours Of The Nori And Sticky Rice, Allowing The Batter-Coated Springy Prawn To Present It's Whole Light Flavour Package Well. The Sweet-Spicy Gari And the Pungent Wasabi Were Good Too, But Taken Entirely, This Dish Has Just About That Spark To Ignite My Palate, If Not Have A Bigger Impact Beyond That.

Coming Around The Beef And Jalapeno Dim Sums, These Fragrant Steamed Packets Enclosed A Thick Blend Of Finely Chopped Jalapeno And Beef Mince. Sour, Spicy And Deep In Being Meaty At Once. Served Alongside Are 3 Different Dressings, Of Which The Chilli Oil Combined Best As A Dip. Lovely.

Char Siu Bao, A Legendary Cantonese Dish Feted Across The World As A Prime Example Of Top BBQ-Asian Cooking. These Fluffy Baos Have A Mix Of Premium BBQ Pork(Imported), Scallion-Green Apple Kimchi(Highly Curious Way To Ferment Sour Green Apples And Zingy Spring Onions, A Korean Tradition), All Roasted In Nutty Sesame Oil. This Is An Understated Must Try, And My Favourite From This Visit.

Sakura Sakura, Named After Japans National Flower, The Cherry Blossom, This Is What Most People Conjure In Their Head When They Think 'Japan'. While The Mocktail Consisted Of Wholesome Fresh Cut Fruits In Grape Juice And A Sweet Passion Fruit Syrup, Was The Naming Thus Legit?

Jalapeno Daisy, This 'Daisy' Was No Pushover. It Being Spicy And Pungent To The Hilt Came As No Surprise With The Presence Of Jalapeno And The Oriental Cousin Of Ginger And Turmeric, Galangal. However The Orange Juice, Lime And Salted Rim Reined It In, Back To The Domain Of Conventional Mixology.








Here's What I Had

Prawn Tempura Sushi Roll
Beef & Jalapeno Dim Sum
Char Siu Bao
Sakura Sakura (Mocktail)
Jalapeno Daisy (Mocktail)