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Toit Brewery

Brewing A Revolutionary Culture, Toit Started Off As A Small Brew-Pub In Bangalore Promising Its Customers An Exceptional Brew-pub Experience With Scrumptious Delicacies And Excellent Brews. Toit Brewery No Doubt Is One Of The Most Valuable Craft Beer Joint In Bangalore Till Date. Along With Pleasant Ambience And Great Hospitality, This Place Is Just Perfect To Spend Evenings With Your Friends Chugging Beer And Enjoying Delicious Food That They Offer And Not Forgetting To Mention The Aroma Of Freshly Crafted Beer Which For Sure Will Give You An Experience Worth Remembering For Life.

Here's What I Had:

1) Toit Baked Nachos - Rs 225
2) Black Bean & Cottage Cheese Burger - Rs 275
3) Tintin Toit (Pint) - Rs 255
4) Blueberry Lemonade - Rs 175

Nachos Have Always Made A Great Appetizer, Apart From Being Dig-Right-In Appeal This Fun Snack Is Healthy Because They Are Not Just Store Bought Flavoured Nachos But Are Freshly Baked Wheat Nachos Topped With Minced Chicken, Refried Beans And Some Decent Amount Of In House Cream Cheese Which Has A Silky Smooth Texture Along With Mild Tanginess And A Subtle Sweetness. Not Just That But Perfectly Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion And Jalapeno Blended With Cumin And Cilantro That Makes The Right Chunky And Smoky Salsa Dip Which Tastes Amazing With Baked Nachos. The Platting Adds On To This Dish Because There's No Way You Will See All The Vibrant Colours On Your Plate And Not Want To Finish It All.

Black Bean And Cottage Cheese Burger Was One Of The Most Appealing When It Comes To The Platting, It Was Just As Pretty As A Picture. Right Mixture Of Black Bean And Cottage Cheese Patty With Perfect Amount Of Spices And Coating Is Deep Fried Till Crispy. The Soft Tomatoes, Shredded Cheese And Crispy Lettuce Gives You Bites Full Of Flavour Burst. What's A Burger Without Fries At It's Sides? Here, You Are Served This Burger Which Is Delicious In Its Own Way Along With Some Fries And A Lettuce Bowl Salad Of Carrots, Crispy Green And Yellow Bell Peppers, Onion And Purple Cabbage Mixed With Some Salad Dressings. Although This Was Good When It Comes To It's Plating And Flavours, I Personally Would Disagree On The Cost.

If You Want To Try Beer But Something Apart From The Ordinary Then Tintin Toit Which Is A Belgian Wit Beir (Belgian White Beer) Has To Be Your Order. It Is A Top-Fermented Beer And Instead Of Wheat Malt, It's Traditionally Made Using Up To 50% Raw Wheat And Other Spices Like Coriander And Bitter Orange Which Gives It A Sour Taste. It Has A Citrusy Aroma Due To The Oranges And Spices Used. This Belgian White Beer Is A Medium Light To A Medium Body Beer Which Has A Nice Mouthful Of Smooth Fruity Taste. Personally Speaking This Is Something That I Enjoyed The Most.

Made With Fresh Blueberries, Green Mint, Soda And Sprite This Lemonade Is Sweet And Tangy And So Refreshing That It's The Perfect Way To Cool Down On A Hot Summer Day. You Will Get To Taste Blueberries And Lemon Tart Syrup Mixed With Some Strong Minty Flavour Which For Sure Will Give You A Decent Lemonade Experience That You Would Not Want To Buy Lemonade From Stores Anymore. Not Just The Taste But The Visuals Like The Deep Magenta Colour, Lemon Wedges, Shamrock Shade Mint Leaves And Tiny Bubbles Rising To The Top Which Makes This Drink Carbonated Will Give You Joy In Every Sip You Take.

Writtten By: Rishika B


Indiranagar, 100 Feet Rd, Near Drops Total Spirites, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038




Monday : 8:30am – 1am
Tuesday : 8:30am – 1am
Wednesday : 8:30am – 1am
Thursday : 8:30am – 1am
Friday : 8:30am – 1am
Saturday : 8:30am – 1am
Sunday : 8:30am – 1am








Here's What I Had

Toit Baked Nachos
Black Bean & Cottage Cheese Burger
Tintin Toit (Pint)
Blueberry Lemonade