The Big Hungry Panda



This Place Know For It's Amazing Food Especially Their Burgers And The Service Time @trufflesbangaloreofficial Is Next Level Crazy, With The Place Being Packed Almost Every Time They Manage To Serve You In Under 10 Minutes Plus This Place Is Super Budget Friendly 😍

The Menu Include's:
1) Cream Of Mushroom Soup - Rs 133
2) Hot N Sour Soup - Rs 133
3) Cheesy Mex Fries - Rs 142
4) Spaghetti Cheese Balls - Rs 133
5) Fried Mozzarella Sticks - Rs 152
6) Olive Blasta Pasta (Non-Veg) - Rs 247
7) Chicken Lasagne - Rs 271
8) All American Chicken Burger - Rs 219
9) Peri Peri Chicken Burger - Rs 171
10) London Mix Grill - Rs 342
11) 3 Pepper Chicken Steak - Rs 271
12) Fcuk Paneer - Rs 242
13) Dutch Truffle Eggless - Rs 114
14) Blueberry Cheesecake - Rs 114
15) Mississippi Mud Pie - Rs 123
16) Oreo Cheesecake - Rs 114

Not A Big Fan Of Soup But When It Comes To Cream Of Anything Be It Soup, Lays Or Biscuits I Will Definitely Be All Over It 😂 This One Here Is A Definite Must Try And That Garlic Bread Went Really Well With This Soup.

Care For A Bit Of Tanginess In Your Soup Then You Should Try The Hot N Sour Soup. My Friends Really Loved This Me, Mehh Not So Much Cause You Know Why 😆

Fries Topped With Fiery Salsa, Mexican Beans And Loads Of Cheese. Makes For A Perfect Starters And Manh The Mexican Beans Were Delicious.

Spaghetti Cheese Balls Is Something New And Unique For Me. This Is Quiet Cheesy And Delicious And Goes Really Well With The Dip.

Okay Now This Is A Really Cheesy Dish 😍 The Cheese Pull Was So Satisfying To Watch And The Taste Was Delightful Loved The Coleslaw Too That Came With It. A Must Try Here.

Olives, Tomatoe Paste, Basil & Fresh Cream In A Traditional Italian Sauce Tossed In Garlic Butter. The Taste Is Unbelievable. The Consistency Of The Sauce And The Quantity Was Truly Phenomenal. Penne Was Perfectly Cooked As Well. A Definite Must Try Here.

A Heavy Plate Of Chicken Lasagne Loaded With Cheese And Minced Meat And Is Served With 2 Pieces Of Garlic Bread YES TWO Pieces 😍

A Phat Chicken Or Lamb Patty Alongside A Cheese Burst Patty. This Burger Gave Me A Foodgasm It's That Good Especially The Flavouring Of That Cheese Patty. Next Level Amazing And An Obvious Must Try.

The Spice Level Of The Peri Peri Burger Is Pretty Good And Is Now A Personal Favorite Of Mine. This One Is A Mix Of Tanginess And Spice.

London Mix Grill Consists Of A Steak Of Chicken, Minced Lamb Patty, Sausage & Chicken Ham In A Chilly Garlic Flavored Tomato Concassee Topped With A Fried Egg Sunny Side Up, Served With Mash Potato & Garlic Bread. A Dish Which Is On The Heavier Side And Makes For A Perfect Main Course. The Steak Was Tender And Was Perfectly Cooked.

An In House Marinated Chicken Breast Cooked In A Country Style Peppery Sauce And Garnished With Colored Peppers And A Hint Of Curry Leaves. This Was On The Spicier Side And Was Packed With Great Flavours. A Must Try Dish Here.

Skewered Paneer Glazed With A Caramelized Bourbon Sauce And Is Served On A Bed Of Creamy Mashed Potatoes & Crunchy Noodle's Accompanied With A Garlic Bread And Herb Rice. The Paneer Was Perfect And That Caramelized Glazed Was Epic And This Is The Best Mashed Potatoes I've Ever Had.

All Of The Desserts We're Amazing Especially The Dutch Truffle And The Mississippi Mud Pie. The Smoothness Of The Chocolate Was Perfect. The Cheesecake Is Also Quite Nice Here.

They Have Quite An Amazing Range Of Detectable Desserts Here And They Are A Sight For Sour Eyes 🐼










Here's What I Had

Cream Of Mushroom Soup
Hot N Sour Soup
Cheesy Mex Fries
Spaghetti Cheese Balls
Fried Mozzarella Sticks
Olive Blasta Pasta
Chicken Lasagne
All American Chicken Burger
Peri Peri Chicken Burger
Peri Peri Chicken Burger
London Mix Grill
3 Pepper Chicken Steak
Fcuk Paneer
Dutch Truffle Eggless
Blueberry Cheesecake
Mississippi Mud Pie
Oreo Cheesecake