The Big Hungry Panda



If You Guy's Want To Have The Perfect Start To Your Day Then Head Down To @yogisthaan And If You Love Yoga & Meditation This Is Place You Must Go To 🙏

The Menu Include's:

1) Signature Hash Brown's - Rs 230
2) Multi - Vitamin Juice - Rs 190
3) Sevaiyan Kheer - Rs 160

Served With Fresh Spiced Yougurt This Signature Hash Brown Is Marvalous. It Consist's Of Mozzarella, Grated Potato, Red & Yellow Pepper's, Spinach & Herb's Tossed In Olive Oil. Must Try This Dish If You Ever Stop By Yogisthaan.

My Energy Drink For The Day The Multivitamin Juice Consisting Of Orange, Carrot, Apple, Lemon & Ginger This Drink Quenche's Your Soul On Another Level.

It Take's Two To Finish This Delicious Kheer Topped With Coarse Nut's And Saffron Strand's. Sadly I Had To Parcel It Cause It Was Hot, I Love Having A Good Kheer When It's Served Cold.










Here's What I Had

Signature Hash Brown's & Multi - Vitamin Juice
Sevaiyan Kheer