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The Farm

There’s A Good Conception That Away From The Hustle Of Any Big City, You Could Chance Upon A Veritable Gem Of A Restaurant. ‘The Farm’ Satisfies This Adage, As One Of The Few Farmstead Artisanal Cheese Makers Across India. Their 100% Organic Farming Methodologies Yield Ample Goodness That Graces Their Restaurant Menus, As Well As Sits Pretty Behind Their Store Counters.

Here’s What I Had:

1) Summer Cheese Plate - Rs 500
2) Goan Sausage Fry - Rs 550
3) Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake - Rs 300
4) Italian Style Ricotta Cheesecake - Rs 300
5) Bacon & Caramel Icecream - Rs 300

A Burst Of Rugged, Mediterranean Goodness, This Summer Cheese Plate Could Mentally Transport You To Santorini! While One Might Visualise A Slew Of Cheeses As On A ‘cheese Board’ When Hearing ‘Cheese Plate’, This Has Brined Peppers Stuffed With Marinated, Piquant Feta Instead. There’s Also Olives & Walnuts To Go Around, & All Of Them Rest On A Bed Of Sea Salt & That Evergreen Herb, Thyme. All Of The Carefully Curated Ingredients Complete Each Other, Not Just Complement. Brava!

“Yo Baile Yo!” Well, That’s What I Sang To Myself On The Inside While Hogging (Sorry Not Sorry XD) On The Earthy, Punchy Goan Chorizo. Chorizo Is A Pork Sausage That’s Spicy From The Red Chilli Spice Mix, & Pungent From The Coconut Vinegar It’s All Soaked In. The Wicked Mix Is Then Stuffed Into An Artificial Casing & Smoked For A Full-bodied, Fiery Flavour. Only Helps That These Fresh In-House Sausages Are Smoked With Mango-Wood Chips From Their Own Plantation. While Munching On This And The Delectably Fried Hasselback Potatoes, You May Even Consider Buying Links Of These At Once. Now Say It With Me “O Maria Pitashe!”

Cake. You Can Have It & Eat It Too. Just Parcel One Home. You’ll Know What I Mean When You See This Old-Timers Beauty, Moist & Multi-Layered With Ganache. Some More Chocolate Cake? It’s The Godfather Of Confection, After All.

Ricotta Cheesecakes Have Been The Way To Go In Italia Ever Since The Dish Popped Into The Public Eye. Why Mention That? Because It’s Not Cream Cheese As Used In The States. Ricotta Makes It Lighter, Grainier & Less Sickeningly Saccharine (If At All). It’s Topped With An (Again ? Do I Really Have To Specify It) In-House Strawberry Compote.

While Chewy Pork Bacon In Ice Cream Might Sound Counter-Intuitive As A Combination, It’s Stuck Around For 30 Years Now, All The While Kicking. It’s Salty, Sweet & Only Faintly Meaty. A Perfect Boost To The Already Expressive Milk Caramel.


Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Kamaraj Nagar, Semmancheri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119




Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : 11am – 6pm
Thursday : 11am – 6pm
Friday : 11am – 6pm
Saturday : 11am – 6pm
Sunday : 11am – 6pm








Here's What I Had

Summer Cheese Plate
Goan Sausage Fry
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake
Italian Style Ricotta Cheesecake
Bacon & Caramel Icecream