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Coorg Cuisine

Nestled Amidst The Hills Of Kodagu, This Prudently Named Restaurant Serving Authentic Kodava Cuisine In The Middle Of The City, Is What Many Before Me Were Raving About. It Naturally Followed That We Arrived To Measure The Hype. Battling The Long Queue, & Bearing The Limited Menu.

Here’s What We Had:

1) Pandhi Barthad (Pork Dry Fry) - Rs 180
2) Pandhi Beev Barthad (Pork Chops) - Rs 180
3) Pandhi Curry (Pork Curry) - Rs 170
4) Chicken Wings - Rs 190
5) Kodava Koli Barthad (Chicken Fry) - Rs 200
6) Byne Ennekai (Baby Brinjal Fry) - Rs 140

Coorgi Pork Dry Fry Is A Slightly Spicy Dish With Dark Hues, Which Come From A Usage Of Kachampuli, A Souring Agent That’s Beat Described As A Jungle Cousin Of Kokum. The Meat Is Dry Fried/Roast With The Onion, Chillies And Other Spices Till Caramelisation. The Red Meat Which Holds Its Own Moisture, Is Nearly Dehydrated In This Process, While The Gelatinous Fat Contributes To The Texture And Ease Of Eating. This Is Best Paired With Kadambuttu (Round Rice Dumplings) And Overall, A Bomb To Enjoy In The Cool Altitudes.

Pandhi Beev Barthad Or Pork Chops Uses A Similar Browned Cooking Method, But With Meaty Ribs Rather Than Fatty-Muscular Chunks. The Juicy Pork Chops Are Laced With A Lining Of Fat That Assimilates Into The Delicate Red Meat, Rather Than Standing Out By Itself. Picking The Long Bones Clean Was Never More Welcome!

The Iconic Kodava Pork Curry Uses A Similar Spice List And Has A Flavour Profile Pretty Similar To Their Dry Fry That I Tried Earlier But Has A Generous Curry Dominated By The Deeply Tangy Kachampuli, The Whole Affair Of Eating This Ending Up Being Insidiously Spicy. Pair This With ANYTHING, Trust Me.

Chicken Wings Are A Popular Snack World-Wide, And These Guys Have Taken To It, With Their Own Twist. The Spice Level On This Left Us Sweltering And Yet Wanting More, So Much So That We Ended Up Ordering Another Round, Just To Get At That Spiced Meat In Between The Nooks And Crannies Of The Slender Bones. Parcel 2 Of This Home, And Enjoy Them With A Cold Budweiser. Heck, Even Put Your Feet Up On The Couch And Watch Some Hockey.

The Kodava Koli Barthad Uses The Same Ingredients Again, But The White Meat Of Poultry Takes Slightly Different To The Spice Mix. This Is A Perfect Sample Of Coorgi Culinary Culture To Those Who Don’t Go The Whole “Hog”.

Byne Ennekai Or Baby Brinjal Curry Wasn’t Really Something I Was Personally Looking Forward To, Because As You All Probably Know, I’m No Fan Of Dem Veggies😂. These Small Eggplants Though, Was Slit And Caramelised With The Spices So Well, That I Didn’t Begrudge The Time I Spent Chowing This Down. Kudos!


Main Bus Stand Road, opposite Post Office, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 570201




Monday : 10am – 4:40pm 7pm - 9:30pm
Tuesday : 10am – 4:40pm 7pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday : 10am – 4:40pm 7pm - 9:30pm
Thursday : 10am – 4:40pm 7pm - 9:30pm
Friday : 10am – 4:40pm 7pm - 9:30pm
Saturday : 10am – 4:40pm 7pm - 9:30pm
Sunday : 10am – 4:40pm 7pm - 9:30pm








Here's What I Had

Pandhi Barthad(Pork Dry Fry)
Pandhi Beev Barthad(Pork Chops)
Pandhi Curry(Pork Curry)
Chicken Wings
Kodava Koli Barthad(Chicken Fry)