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Hotel Green Land

This Is The Destination For Kerala Style Food In Coorg. Whether You’re A Malayalee Missing Home Or An Adventurous Gourmand Who Wants To Sample Mallu Food Here, Go For It.

Here’s What We Had:

1) Teetar (Quail) Pepper Fry - Rs 120
2) Teetar Kabab - Rs 120
3) Coorg Chicken - Rs 200

Quail Is A Smaller And More Hardy Cousin Of The Chicken. At Least, As Seen In The Eyes Of the Foodie. Most Of The Times The Tougher Meat Is Consumed Along With The Slender Bones, And This Conversely Allows WHOLE Preparations Of The Bird. Or The Other Way Around. Whatever. What I DO Know, Is That A Crackling Pepper Fry Of The Quail Is Exquisite, Though The Relative Poverty Of Meat On The Bones Rankles With Me. Lip Smacking Peppery Spice, Gamey Style.

Quail Kababs Are Yet Another Delight, With Crisp Rice-Breaded Skins Encasing Steaming Fragrant Meat. What This Poultry Lacks For In Volume, It Makes Up For In Dark Flavour! Loved It, And Probably Would Order 3-4 More.

The Coorgi Chicken, While Sadly Not Boneless, Was Slathered With A Marinade Of Spiced Green Chilli Paste, And A Thoughtful Garnish Of Lemon Juice. As Far As Old-School Chicken Is Concerned, This Here Was Finger Food, And The Best Chicken I’ve Had In Coorg.


Opp. RTO Office GT Road, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201




Monday : 8am – 11pm
Tuesday : 8am – 11pm
Wednesday : 8am – 11pm
Thursday : 8am – 11pm
Friday : 8am – 11pm
Saturday : 8am – 11pm
Sunday : 8am – 11pm








Here's What I Had

Teetar (Quail) Pepper Fry
Teetar Kabab
Coorg Chicken