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Curious Life Coffee Roasters

Curious Life Coffee Roasters In Jaipur Makes The Greatest Coffee Without Overcomplicating It. Every Harvest, They Connect With Farmers All Across The World And Provide The Finest Of What They've Worked For. Their Roast Masters Meticulously Craft Each Tiny Batch So That Each Cup Reminds You Of The Foggy Mornings Of Coffee Plantations And Prepares You For The Day Ahead. Not Just Coffee But Their Savoury Menu Will Also Take Over Your Heart.

Here's What I Had:

1) Aeropress Gachatha, Kenya Blend - Rs 320
2) Creamy Chicken Sandwich - Rs 230
3) Sunshine - Rs 200
4) Oatmeal Bananas Muffin - Rs 90

This Is Truly A Fascinating Place For All The People Who Live For The Aroma Of Coffee And Never Start Their Day Without A Mug Of Coffee. The Place Was Filled With Coffee Aroma The Coffee Beans, With Their Divine Dark Colour, Sent Forth A Delightful Aroma That Filled The Room. Aeropress Coffee Beans Are Derived From Kenya, Where It Undergoes Wet Processing To Remove The Skin, And The Coffee Is Fermented Overnight With The Pump. The Beans Are Then Rinsed In Water Channels The Next Day. This Cleaned Coffee Is Immersed In Water For Another Night Before Being Dried On Raised Beds. The Drying Process Might Take Anything From 7 To 15 Days In Total. The Traditional Aeropress Method Extracts The Perfect Flavour From The Coffee Bean For You To Savour. These Large Aa Beans Sparkle In Your Cup, Filling It With Sweet And Flowery Smells With Distinct Notes Of Cane Juice And Dried Fruits That Taste Like Berries.

One Of The Finest Sandwiches I've Ever Had Till Date, This Creamy Chicken Sandwich Definitely Stands Up To Its Name. The Soft Bread That Just Melts In Your Mouth With Generous Amount Of Filling Of Fresh Cream, Cream Cheese, Garlic Aioli, Diced Chicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes And Onions Will Give You The Perfect Bite Of Crunchy Lettuce And Onions And Soft Texture Of Tomatoes And Creamy Cheese. The Garlic Aioli Is Beaten Till Soft Which No Doubt Gives You Mediterranean Flavours. The Sandwich Bread Was No Ordinary But It Was Garlic Flavoured Loaf. Talking About The Star Of This Dish, Kasundi Mustard Sauce Which Was A Pungent Paste Of Fermented Mustard Seeds And Strong Infused Flavours Of Spices And Herbs. The Platting Was Usual Sandwich Presentation With Sandwiches Stacked One Upon The Other Accompanied By Lettuce Leaves And Mayo Dip To Go Along With.

This Was My First Time Trying Orange Juice With Espresso Shots And Believe Me When I Say It, It Did Not Disappoint Me At All. This Is A Great Drink To Savour Tanginess Of Orange And Strong Bitter Flavours Of Coffee, These Two Different Yet Complex Flavours Will Capture You With Great Flavour Combination. The Visuals Were Just Great, Half The Glass Filled With Tangerine Coloured Orange Juice And The Rest Top With Golden-brown Dark Brown Espresso Shot Topped With Thing Orange Slice For Garnishing. Give It A Light Stir And Sip This Amazing Combination.

Oatmeal Banana Muffins Were Delicious And So Soft That You Could Take A Bite With Your Lips. So Far I've Always Managed To Point Out Some Missing Things In These Muffins But The Ones Here Were So Scrumptious That I Couldn’t Find One Missing Element. These Muffins Were So Perfect, The Golden Domes Perfectly Cracked Down In The Center, Topped With Oatmeal And Dry Fruits Crumble And Deepening Aroma Of Freshly Baked Batch. These Muffins Didn’t Even Need A Label Because Everything About It Screamed "Delicious".

Writtten By: Rishika B


P 25, Yudhister Marg, near Deer Park, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001




Monday : 10am – 8pm
Tuesday : 10am – 8pm
Wednesday : 10am – 8pm
Thursday : 10am – 8pm
Friday : 10am – 8pm
Saturday : 10am – 8pm
Sunday : 10am – 8pm








Here's What I Had

Aeropress Gachatha (Preparation)
Creamy Chicken Sandwich
Oatmeal Bananas Muffin