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If You're One Of Those People Who Prefer Perfectly Crafted Coffee, A Good Atmosphere, Aesthetically Pleasing Interior Design With A Mild Music In The Background To Chill And Relax Either On Your Own Or With Your Friends Then The Coffee Sutra In Jaipur Should Be Your Next Hangout Joint. With Options That Satisfy Everyone's Needs Like Inside And Outside Seating Arrangements, Healthy Food Options On Their Menu And Customer Friendly Staff This Is A Must Try Coffee Shop In Jaipur.

Here's What I Had:

1) Potato & Bacon Cheese Sandwich - Rs 345
2) Eggs Benedict - Rs 375
3) Single Shot Cappuccino - Rs 140
4) Cold Brew #2 - Rs 150

A Simple Pecan Brown Bacon Cheese Sandwich With Hints Of Potato Is All You Need To Fulfil Your Cravings. This Was My First Time Trying Potatoes In A Sandwich And Believe Me When I Say That This Combination Is Insane. The Soft Mushy Potatoes Go Very Well With Crispy Grilled Bacon. Soft Buttery Bread Loaded With A Generous Amount Of Cheese, Perfectly Seasoned With Herbs And A Mashed Potato Filling, Crispy And Buttery Grilled Pork Bacon Strips And A Good Combination Sauce, This Sandwich Was Definitely Exceptional. It Was Beautifully Plated On A Minimalistic White Plate With Crispy Potato Fries And Seasoned Lettuce Salad As Siders.

This Traditional American Breakfast/Brunch Egg Benedict Was Up To The Mark With Mild Salty And Tangy Flavours And Hollandaise With Perfect Consistency. This Was Served On Butter-Toasted English Muffins Cut Into Half, Poached Eggs To Your Liking With Rich French Hollandaise Sauce That Was Warm, Creamy, And Unbroken. This Egg Benedict Was Unquestionably One Of The Best I've Had So Far. Served With Lettuce Salad Which Had Crunchy Veggies And Was Generously Tossed In A Salad Dressing And Not Forgetting To Mention My Personal Favourite Crispy Hash Browns, These Will Knock Your Shoes Off For Sure With Finely Chopped And Well-Seasoned Potatoes Which Then Is Deep-Fried Till Golden Brown Definitely Won My Heart Over Anything Else.

The Dark Brown Richness Of The Coffee Beans Which Then Is Roasted To Medium Brown And Smooth Gives You The Perfect Cappuccino Shot. This Espresso-based Coffee Was Prepared With Steamed Milk And Steamed Milk Foam. It Had Fantastic Flavours And Texture To It With A Strong Coffee Flavour And A Hint Of Sweetness From The Sugar Present In The Milk. The Person Who Made This Was No Doubt Well Skilled To Make This Perfect Cup Of Cappuccino. The Texture Was Similar To That Latte But The Major Difference Being The Steamed Milk Foam. Overall The Perfect Cup Of Cappuccino Which Had A Very Pleasant Aroma Will Not Disappoint You In Any Way.

I Love Having A Bitter And Strong Coffee And This Was My First Time Trying Cold Brew With A Malty Whiskey After Taste. Will Not Hesitate To Say That It Was Not That Pleasant Of An Experience As It Had Overpowering Flavours. For Someone Who Prefers Mild Coffee, This For Sure Should Not Be On Your Order List. The Coffee Was Brewed With Cold Water Rather Than Hot Water. Unlike Hot Brew, This Was Slightly Better In Taste As The Hot Brew Is Comparatively Crisper With Flavour And Aroma. I Personally Feel Like This Is For People With An Acquired Taste.

Writtten By: Rishika B


G-3, Ground Floor, UKMS, AURUM, Tilak Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001




Monday : 8am – 10pm
Tuesday : 8am – 10pm
Wednesday : 8am – 10pm
Thursday : 8am – 10pm
Friday : 8am – 10pm
Saturday : 8am – 10pm
Sunday : 8am – 10pm








Here's What I Had

Potato & Bacon Cheese Sandwich
Eggs Benedict
Single Shot Cappuccino
Cold Brew #2