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Reviewed On 10th November 2021

Diesel Café In Mangalore Has Been Known For Quite Sometime Now To Serve Us One Of The Best Continental Cuisines To Try Out And In The Month Of October They Had Launched A New Revamped Menu With More Than 30+ Mouth Watering Dishes.

Here's What I Had:

1) Walk Like An Egyptian - Rs 399
2) Da Vinci Waffle - Rs 329
3) Pita Tacos - Rs 279
4) Texmex Bowl - Rs 299
5) Smokey Prawn - Rs 399
6) Creamy Pesto Prawns Risotto - Rs 499
7) All The Berry Best - Rs 399

Without A Second Thought This Mediterranean Inspired Lamb Waffle Was Insane, It Has Authentic Mediterranean Spice Flavours Like Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Paprika, Rosemary, Basil, Bay Leaf And The List Goes On. All This Was Added In The Right Amount To Hit That Flavour Spot. The Flavours And Aromas Of This Cuisine Was Very Well Enhanced By The Spices Used In This Dish And Will Not Hesitate To Say That It's Definitely Worth The Money.

Tangy Cottage Cheese With A Dash Of Bell Peppers And Mozzarella Cheese, This Savoury Waffle Was More Like A Pizza As It's Taste Was Quite Similar To That Of A Pizza. But Nonetheless The Flavours Will Make It Up To Your Taste Buds.

This Has To Be One Of The Most Distinctive Food Items On Their Menu, Though It's Clearly Not An Authentic Taco These Pita Tacos With Perfectly Blended Hummus And Paneer Salsa, And Right Amount Of Tahini Pickled Chickpeas, Topped With Some Nacho Crumble Will Give You The Perfect Bite Of Joy Especially For All The Health Fanatics Out There, In Terms Of Nutritional Value Pita Tacos Include Both Healthy And Unhealthy Aspects, But The Filling Here Will Make Up For It. I Am Surely Pleased With These Tacos But The Questions Arises, Will I Order This Again? Hmm Maybe Not.

Tex-Mex Bowl Is The Perfect One-Dish Supper For Folks Who Are On The Go. This Flavoursome Bowl Had Some Fresh Sweet American Corn, Parboiled White Beans Which Are Then Baked With A Hint Of Cheddar Cheese. All These Mixed With Piquant Mexican Spicy Salsa Rossa, This Elevated All The Flavours And Enhanced It Giving You The Best Burst Of Flavours In Your Mouth. As Quoted By A Friend Of Mine,"This Makes For A Really Great Indian Chat" Which I Feel Like Was Quite True. Personally, I Like Anything Which Has Baked Beans So This Dish Was Surely A Yes For Me.

Served Hot, This Smoky Prawns Were Next On The Top List, Infused With Some Really Strong Aromatic Flavours That Just Captured My Soul Which Was One Of The Best Feelings That Turns Out To Be Quite Difficult To Explain Unless You Get A Whiff Of It For Yourself. Fresh Pan Grilled Prawns, Bell Peppers, Onion And Other Ingredients Were For No Doubt Adding In Flavours But The BBQ Sauce Was To Overpowering To My Palate. One Can Taste The Use Of Fresh Tomatoes, Vinegar And Other Spices That Brings In The Heat In This Sauce. If I Had To Pick Out One Thing That I Could Change In This Dish, Then I Think It Would Be The Platting Because I Believe That One Eats The Food With Their Eyes First And Then Their Mouth. Due To The Overpowering Flavours This Dish Didn't Quite Make The Cut For Me.

Sharing Is Caring, But When It Comes To Their Creamy Pesto Prawns Risotto This Proverb Will Definitely Not Work Well Here. This Dish Wont Fail To Steal Your Heart And Elevate All Your Food Experiences Till Date. Fresh Prawns And Creamy Parmesan Cheese, So Smooth That It Will Melt In Your Mouth In Seconds And With Passage Of Time You Won't Even Realise How You Ended Up Finishing The Whole Serving. Out Of Four Friends Of Mine, Only One Of My Friend Ended Up Disliking It But Nonetheless The Rest Of Us Loved It So Much That We Couldn't Stop Taking Bites. If You Are Going Out With Your Friends Then I Would Suggest You To Get More Servings As You Will Hesitate To Share This Scrumptious Dish.

A Flat Cake Which Is Often Round And Thin, Contains Beaten Eggs That Gives It Fluffy Texture And Is Prepared With Starch-Based Batter Is The Home For All Deserts. Didn’t Get What I'm Talking About? It Obviously Has To Be Pancakes Duhh. Diesel Café Offers One Of The Best Fluffy Pancakes Topped With Some Fresh Leches And Berries. Now, Apart From Having Soft Heart Melting Bite This Pancake Was Also Topped With Granola Mix Which Gives You The Perfect Amount Of Crunch And Softness In Your Bite That Wakes You Up. Pancakes Here Were Puffed, Browned And Heavenly Sweet. Quote Me When I Say This That I Wouldn’t Mind A Slight Sugar Rush After Eating These Delicious Heart-warming Pancakes, Definitely Worth It. Don’t Hold Yourself Back While Ordering Another Serving Because It's All Worth The Happiness You Gain After Having The All The Berry Best (IMAGE NOT INCLUDED).

Writtten By: Rishika B

Reviewed On 19th December 2020

The Much-Awaited Annual Diesel Cafe Waffle And Pancake Festival 2020 Has Kicked Off With A Bang! Concluding This Year Of Lockdown And Confinement To The House, I Was Treated To A Virtual World Tour In A Matter Of Less Than Half The Evening.

This Year They've Dialled Back To An International Theme Like In 2018, However They've Shaken Up Their Menu To Include Fascinating Fusion Fare From Most Large Cities Across The Globe.

Here's What I Had:

1) Dubai (Lamb Pancakes) - Rs 399
2)Tokyo (Wasabi Chicken Waffles) - Rs 379
3)New York (Mac N Cheese Pancakes) - Rs 329
4) Italy (4 Cheese Waffles) - Rs 379
5)Istanbul (Kunafa Pancakes) - Rs 349
6) Hawaii (Pineapple Waffles) - Rs 379

The Bright Beige Panelled Atmosphere in The Cheery Cafe Was A Setting Beyond Par For The Mind Boggling Range Of Fusion Fare Laid Before Me.

First Up, The Deconstructed Shawarma-esque Pancakes From Dubai. The Slowly Cooked Lamb Had An Exquisite Tenderness To It, The Toum/Roasted Garlic Paste Added That Touch Of Authenticity As That Which I've Had Before In Bahrain. The Fresh Lemony Fattoush Was Juicy And Crunchy, Topping Off Something I Consider To Be The Best Savoury Dish Of This Festive Edition.

While The Tokyo Wasn't Spicy At All For The Mention Of Wasabi As An Ingredient, It Was Merely A Hint. The Fried Chunks Of Chicken Tempura On The Other Hand, Were Splendid. Also Considering That I'm Not The Fondest Of Salads, The Salty Kikkoman Soy Salad With Crunchy Fried Seaweed Was A Swell Experience. To Note, The Only Salad I Prefer Having Is Diesel's Protein Boost But That's a Review For Another Day.

The Messy New Yorker Had Velvety Pancakes Between And Over Which Rich Macaroni And Cheese Were Slathered. The Herby Marinara Sauce Complemented The Stack And Uplifted The Flavour Profile.

Italian Quattro Formaggio Waffles. What To Say, These Were The Cheesiest Of The Lot, With 4 Varieties Of Cheese In Which The Waffles Were Drenched. While It's Not Always Possible For A Tongue Not Steeped In Continental Cuisine To Tell All 4 Cheeses Apart, The Combination Was Indeed Luxurious.

A Kunafa! But...Wait! While The Individual Ingredients Aren't Authentic Per Se, This Fusion Kunafa Is Interesting Enough. It Has Pancakes At Its Core Around Which Crispy Semolina Is Crusted, Crunchy Nut Soil Sprinkled In Plenty, And Candied Orange With Orange Syrup (Which I Personally Found Super Sweet, Perhaps A Tad Over What I'd Prefer) Drizzled All Over The Gorgeous Presentation.

The Hawaiian Waffle Emenates Tropical Vibes Right At The Outset, With A Nice Pineapple Jam And Buttered Pineapple (Lavish Wonders!) On Top And A Pièce De Résistance of Bacardi White Rum Infused With Coconut Sauce Poured Atop Finally.

Try These Mind-Blowing Dishes Out For A Whirlwind World Tour Via Your Taste-Buds

Reviewed On 13th December 2019

Now Who Dosent Know This Iconic Place In Mangalore, Known For Their Amazing Breakfasts And Their Wide Array Of International Cuisines, @dieselcafemangalore Is One Of The First American Cafes To Open Up In Mangalore Way Back In 2005 And They Were Also The First Ones To Introduce Continental Breakfast, Waffles & Pancakes. In 2017 They Brought Asian Cuisine To The Menu.

This Place Has Been My Goto Place For The Past 3 Years Now Be It Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner Or Just Hanging Out With Friends Diesel Cafe Is My Place.

I've Had Almost Everything On Their Menu So Far And If Youve Been Following Me On Instagram You Would Have Probably Read The Reviews.

Below Are Some Of The Reviews On Their Food And Drinks

Diesel Cafe Had Their Waffle & Pancake Festival A While Back And This Years Theme Was SUPERHEROES And Me Being Me Tried Almost Everything On Their Special Menu, Here's What I Had

The Menu Include's:
1) Captain Planet Waffles - Rs 349
2) El Santo Waffles - Rs 299
3) Shaktiman Pancakes - Rs 269
4) Iron Man Pancakes - Rs 399
5) Batman Pancakes - Rs 279
6) Thor Waffles - Rs 319
7) Captain America Pancakes - Rs 329

White Waffles With Spiced Pistachio Soil, Fiery Chilli Sauce, Cucumber Salsa With Smoked Harrisa Chicken. First Off They Nailed The Presentation And The Plating Of The Dish. You Have Thish Lovely Smokey Earthy Flavours And The Chicken Was Lovely As Well, The Harissa Sauce Was Quite Good And Went Really Well With The Chicken. A Definite Must Try On The Menu.

Nacho Waffles With Cheese Sauce, Salsa, Sour Cream & Spring Onions. Here You Have Waffles Shaped Like Nachos That Are Covered In Some Delicious Salsa Dressing And A Side Of Sour Cream.

Multigrain Pancakes Served With Some Mustard Tomato Chutney, Seasonal Vegetables & Citrus Salad, Some Jaggery, Caramel & Chilly Oil. Plus This Dish Is Known To Feature All 6 Tastes According To Ayurveda. So On A Healthier Note This Is Something You Should Try, It Looks Bland But Trust Me It's A Mixture Of Great Flavours All In One Dish.

Juicy Lamb And Cheese Burger Styled Pancakes Which Is Flambeed With Whiskey Which Is Optional, If You Go For The Flambeed Version The Overall Dish Might Be On The Sweeter Side. The Shredded Lamb Was Succulent And Was Perfectly Cooked, This Here Is Another Must Try Dish.

Chocolate And Vanilla Pancakes With Rich Chocolate Truffles Some Hazelnuts, White Chocolate, Caramel Sauce And Brownie Bits. The Best Element In This Dish Is Hands Down The Chocolate Truffles Like My God They Were Amazing. Even The Chocolate Sauce Was Really Good It Went Quite Well With The Pancakes.

Ice Cream & Chocolate Chip Waffles With Cookies N Cream Topped With Some Sprinkles. Loved The Chocolate Chip Waffle In This Dish It Went Well With The Ice Cream.

Red And Blue Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese Frosting And White Chocolate Fudge. The Colours Of The Pancakes Look Terrific. The Cream Cheese Is Sightly Tangy And Salty But Overall The Flavours Went Well Together.

Reviewed On 5th October 2019

This Is Diesel 2.0 And Man Do They Have Some New Exciting Delicacies For You Guys. Here's What I Tried From The New And Improved Menu

The Menu Include's:

1) Sui Mai Non Veg Dimsum - Rs 299
2) Chicken Steamed Dimsum - Rs 249
3) Sui Mai Veg - Rs 199
4) Crunchy Munchy Noodle Pizza - Rs 189
5) Mac And Cheese Cutlets - Rs 249
6) Chicken Schnitzel - Rs 279
7) Gheeroast Shrooms - Rs 279
8) Cookie Monster - Rs 179
9) Filter Pot Du Créme - Rs 179
10) Banoffe Tart - Rs 149

Open Face Prawns And Chicken Steam Dumplings Served With 3 Dips. This Dish Is Just Brilliant And I Guess This Is The First Time I'm Having Transparent Dimsums. Those Chopsticks Were A Bummer Had A Horrible Time Figuring Out How To Use Them 😂 This Dimsum Here Is An Absolute Must Try.

Crystal Clear Chicken And Celery Dumplings Is Another New Addition To Their Revamped Menu. This One Here Goes Really Well With All The 3 Dips Provided And Is Again Another Must Try.

Open Face Steam Dumplings With Mushroom, Carrot & Corn. Now This Is Something Only A Vegetarian Would Love. To Be Honest This Was Really Bland And Dry. I'd Suggest Non Vegetarians To Skip It.

Fried Noodle Patties Topped With Sauteed Spinach & Schezwan Toasted Veggies. Now This Is Something Really Unique Packed With A Lot Of Flavours And Crunch. Loved The Schezwan Flavouring It Was Intense And There Could Have Been More Cheese On It.

Now Who Would've Thought A Bite Sized Version Of Mac And Cheese Would Be So Freaking Good. This Here Is An Absolute Must Try.

Perfectly Crumbed And Fried Chicken With Side Of Lemon And Chimichurri Sauce And A Side Of Spicy Aioli, Salad On The Side And Roasted Potatoes. My Oh My Was This Amazing, The Chicken Was Perfectly Cooked And I Loved Those Roasted Sausages. A Definite Must Try.

Gheeroast Mushroom Duxell Topped With Basil Leaves And Parmesan Cheese. Ugghh This Was Mouth Watering Good. Loved The Flavours And Well I'm Basically A Sucker For Anything In A Gheeroast Masala.

Freshly Baked Cookie Dough Pudding With Vanilla Ice Cream. I Know It Sounds Simple But OMG This Is One Fine Creation, It's Too Bloody Delicious. 4 Of Us And Just One Mug Of This, It Was Madness The Way We Dug Our Spoons In And Finished It Off In Under 10 Seconds. The Quantity Needs To Be Increased I'm Sure All Desserts Lovers Would Agree. A Definite Must Try. Do Not Leave The Place Without Having This.

Now What Could Be A Delight To Coffee Lovers Such As Moi 🤔 Classic Expresso Pot Du Créme. Basically A Lose French Dessert Infused With That Amazing Expresso Flavour. The Consistency Was Perfect.

Bananas, Cream And Toffee, This English Dessert Was Such A Delight. The Flavours Were Really Subtle.

Reviewed On 21st February 2019

Lunch With Pop's Was Amazing Today, It's Been Almost 7 Years Since I've Had A Proper Lunch With Dad And I'm Glad That We Decided To Visit Diesel For Lunch.

The Menu Include's:

1) Aunty Lily's Fish N Chips - Rs 325
2) Fully Loaded - Rs 195
3) Lasagne Amore - Rs 395
4) Iced Tea (Lemon) - Rs 179
5) Classic Red Wine Sangria - Rs 199

Calicut Fish N Chips Served With Spiced Spiced Rémoulade. Every Bite You Take Has A Perfect Crunch On The Outside And The Insides Are Really Smooth, I Mean The Texture On The Fish Was Insanely Good And It Wasn't That Oily Either, Even The Fries We're Bang On. The Remoulade Went Really Well With This Dish. This Right Here Is A Perfect Fish N Chips And Is Definitely A Must Try Here.

Garlic Bread With Mozzarella Was Pretty Good, It Was Nice And Airy. Dad Wasnt Happy With It As It Turned Out To Be Cold Because I Was Persistent On Having The Perfect Picture.

The Lasagna Was Really Creamy With Butter Like Consistency. The Sauce Has Amazing Flavours And Was Well Spiced. The Minced Chicken Was Perfectly Cooked And Obviously This Is A Must Try Here.

The Iced Tea Turned Out To Be A Bit Strong For Me But Dad Loved It Though.

And My Favorite Drink Of Them All Old School Sangria With MH Brandy, Freshly Cut Fruits And Cabernet Sauvignon. It Was Exquisite, Wine In The Afternoon Is Happiness On Another Level.


Balmatta Junction, Near Collector's Gate, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575002




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Tuesday : 9am – 11pm
Wednesday : 9am – 11pm
Thursday : 9am – 11pm
Friday : 9am – 11pm
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Here's What I Had

Walk Like An Egyptian
Da Vinci Waffle
Pita Tacos
Texmex Bowl
Smokey Prawn
Creamy Pesto Prawns Risotto
New York
Sui Mai Non Veg Dimsum
Chicken Steamed Dimsum
Sui Mai Veg
Crunchy Munchy Noodle Pizza
Mac And Cheese Cutlets
Chicken Schnitzel
Gheeroast Shrooms
Cookie Monster
Filter Pot Du Créme
Banoffe Tart
Aunty Lily's Fish N Chip
Lasagne Amore
Baked Chicken Feast
Angry Birds
Blueberry Cheesecake
Eggless Omelette
Captain Planet Waffles
El Santo Waffles
Shaktiman Pancakes
Iron Man Pancakes
Batman Pancakes
Thor Waffles
Captain America Pancakes