The Big Hungry Panda


Hope Cafe

Checked Out This Beautiful Place On Google While Searching For Cafes/Restaurants To Visit In Pondi And We Found @hopecafe.pondicherry We Came Here For Dinner And We Realized That They Serve Only Veg.

The Menu Include's:
1) Have More Crostini - Rs 200
2) Fantastic Fungi - Rs 200
3) Love Lasagne - Rs 400
4) Mediterranean Love Pasta - Rs 370
5) Love Smoothie Bowl - Rs 250

4 Slices Of Garlic Bread Each Having It's Own Toppings From Black And Green Olives To Cheese And Tomatoes. This Was A Pretty Good Starter Here.

Next Up We Have Stuffed Mushroom Balls Which Turned Out To Be Quite Delicious, It Went Well With The Sauce That Came With It. This Is A Must Try Here.

Well There's A First Time For Everything So Here's My First Time Having Veg Lasagne Luvvv Lasagne That Is 😂 Turned Out To Be Really Good Actually, It Was Quite Creamy And It Had A Pleasant Taste To It. A Definite Must Try Here.

Wasn't A Fan Of This Pasta As Such, It Was Cheesy But It Had Some Sort Off Really Strong Taste To It. The Garlic Bread That Came With It Was Delicious Though.

This Smoothie Bowl Was The Best Part Of Our Dinner Like OMFG This Was So Good. It Was Well Balanced And Had A Lot Of Crunch To It. This Smoothie Bowl Truly Made Me Day.


No.4, Rue, Suffren St, Puducherry, 605001




Monday : CLOSED
Tuesday : 8am – 11pm
Wednesday : 8am – 11pm
Thursday : 8am – 11pm
Friday : 8am – 11pm
Saturday : 8am – 11pm
Sunday : 8am – 11pm










Here's What I Had

Have More Crostini
Fantastic Fungi
Love Lasagne
Mediterranean Love Pasta
Love Smoothie Bowl