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Marc's Cafe

The Ambiance Of The Cafe, It's Homey Aroma, Draws My Soul Into Its Cocoon For A Few Blessed Moments. The Café Became A Source Of Relaxation Upon My First Sight That Day. If You Reside In Auroville, This Is An Excellent Spot To Get Your Morning Coffee Fix,or Seating. They Offer Both Indoor And Outdoor Seating As Well And They Offer A Great Selection Of Speciality Coffees As Well.

Here's What I Had:

1) Turkish Coffee - Rs 180
2) Latte Macchiato - Rs 240
3) Fisherman - Rs 325
4) Toatsado - Rs 325
5) Classic Croissant - Rs 120
6) Raspberry Gelato - Rs 150
7) Blueberry Gelato - Rs 150

Turkish Coffee Is A Rich, Thick, And Delightful Drink To Be Enjoyed Slowly With Good Company. It Is Brewed In A Copper Coffee Pot, Made With Powder-Like Ground Coffee, And Sweetened According To Your Taste. This Was My First Time Trying Turkish Coffee And To Be Honest I Didn't Really Enjoy It Due To Enormous Amount Of Coffee Grounds In My Cup. It Is How Turkish Coffee Is Prepared But I Had To Wait Till The Coffee Sediments Settled Down In My Cup And Then Enjoyed My Cup Of Coffee. So, This Type Of Coffee Clearly Isn't For Me.

A Latte Macchiato Is Made Simply By Foaming Milk, Which Produces A Lot Of Foam, Putting It Into A Glass, And Adding Espresso. This Was A Really Neat Latte Macchiato, And It Was Also My First Hot Latte Macchiato, Since I Enjoy My Latte's And Macchiatos Ice Cold. You Should Also Be Aware That Latte Macchiato And Macchiato Are Two Distinct Coffee Drinks. A Shot Of Pure Espresso Is Poured To A Typical Espresso Macchiato, Which Is Then Topped With A Teaspoon Or Two Of Milk Froth Straight On Top, With No Sugar Or Anything Else Added. A Latte Macchiato Begins With Milk And Is Then Topped With A Shot Of Espresso, Resulting In A Radically Distinct Flavour Experience.

Tuna Sandwich Has Always Been A Favourite Lunch Option For Many, It Gives You Those Nostalgic, Simple And Satisfying Lunch Memories. Fishermen Is A Grilled Tuna And Mayo Sandwich, I Chose A Tuna Sandwich Since It's Something I Used To Eat As A Kid, And I'm A Big Fan Of Good Tuna Sandwiches, But This One Didn't Do It For Me.

Toastsado Is A Must Try From My Side, Toatado Is A Grilled Smoked Ham And Cheese With A Melt-In-Your-Mouth Texture. Smoky, Crispy, Savory, It’s Just Pure Simple Magic. Perfectly Toasted Bread With Thin Cheese Slice And Smoky Ham Is All You Could Ask For.

Waking Up To A Warm Pastry And A Hot Cup Of Coffee Or Tea Is One Of Life's Simple Pleasures. There's Nothing Like It. Classic Croissant Was Soft Flaky Croissant, Although I've Had Better. The Greatest Part About This One Was How Light It Was, Making You Want To Get A Couple More.

Gelatos Here Definitely A Frozen Treat You Would Want To Eat Every Day. It Contained Rich Milk, Cream, Sugar And Flavorings Of Some Sort. It Was Also Denser And Richer Than The Regular Normal Ice Cream. Overall A Very Good Option To Order And Try These Out.

Writtten By: Rishika B


Auroville Rd, Auroville, Kuilapalayam, Tamil Nadu 605101




Monday : 8am – 8pm
Tuesday : 8am – 8pm
Wednesday : 8am – 5pm
Thursday : 8am – 8pm
Friday : 8am – 8pm
Saturday : 8am – 8pm
Sunday : 8am – 8pm








Here's What I Had

Turkish Coffee
Latte Macchiato
Classic Croissant
Raspberry Gelato
Blueberry Gelato