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Reviewed On 11th August 2022

Founded By Mr. Rahul Reddy & Based Out Of Bombay (Arguably The Epicurean Hotpot Of India) Subko Is A Feted Part Of The Third Wave Of Coffee Revolution, Bringing Single-Origin Artisanal Coffees To The Connoisseurs Table (Read: Not Consumer) & Some Pretty Rad Continental Snacks To Boot. After That Anticlimactic Visit Last Year When I Found Them Closed On The Customary Bandra Monday, I Finally Experienced Them Now. Damn, That Heady Fragrance Of Freshly Roasted ☕️

P.S. They Get Quite Busy On The Weekends, So I Suggest You To Pay Them A Visit In The Weekdays To Just Sit Back & Relax Over A Great Cup Of Coffee And Some Exquisite Food.

Here's What I Had :

1) Sankalp Iced Pour-Over Lot #62 - Rs 295
2) Cold Brew Bottle - Rs 229
3) Harissa Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Rs 495
4) Espresso Stuffed Croissant - Rs 400
5) Kashmiri Walnut Choco Chip Cookie - Rs 225

SCA Scores Are A Big Deal. ‘Speciality Coffee Association’ Scores List Coffees Based On A Score From 1-100. Anything >80 Is All Of Unanimously Delicious (Hence Speciality Coffee), Ethically Sourced, & A Great Bet If You’re Looking For Good Stuff Beyond Commodity Coffee. The Lot Available At The Time I Entered Was #62 Medium Roast, & I Opted For A Iced Pour-Over, To Thrill The Entire Mouth, Not Just The Taste Buds. No Better Start To The Day.

Cold Coffee Brews Are All The Rage These Days, & For Good Reason. When Subject To Higher Temperature, Coffee Grounds Get Bitter, & Lose Some Degree Of Flavour. The ‘Cold’ With Some Ice Bypasses All That, & These Guys Brew Them Just Fine. A Pick-Me-Up For Sure, Those Looking For A Quick Hit Of Caffeine Better Take Note!

The Harissa Grilled Cheese Sandwich Was Supposed To Be Peppery & Unhinged, To The Level That One Spicy Epiphany Would Last Seconds. It Was Anything But. The Sourdough Toast It Was Smeared In Was Lip-Smackingly Piquant & Crunchy, Though.

Espresso Stuffed Croissant Was Likely Up There With The Absolute Best Of ‘Krwoissan’s I’ve Had The Pleasure Of Savouring In India. A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever, Keats Said. This Buttery Delight With The Smidgen Of Espresso Mascarpone On Top & The Other-Worldly Espresso Cremé Stuffing, Will Remain Forever In The Annals Of My Memory, & Hopefully Your Visuals Too.

The Chunky Walnut Dark Cookie Was Chewy, & A Fit, Sobering Foil To The Cold Brew. These Combos Have Got To Be Savoured Slowly, With The Pitter-Patter Of Rain Beating On The Glass Close To You, & The Smell Of Petrichor Mingling With The Bakery Fixes.

Reviewed On 26th March 2021

@chiashetts Eased Me Into The Realm Of Subko Around Mid October, When She Returned From Mumbai With Some Of Their Baked Produce, Which Mesmerized Me. I Emphasise ‘Realm’ Because Everything At Subko Is Carefully Executed Their Own Way, Right From The Goodies To The Specialty Homegrown Coffees They Boast Of. It Was Thus An Anticlimax When I Landed There On A Monday To Find That Most Places In Bandra Are Closed On That Day; I Really Wanted Those Croissants! I Was Permitted To Tour And Shoot Around The (Coffee-Soaked Ambience) Premises Though.

What I Had (From @chiashetts Trip):

1) Babka
2) Pain Au Chocolate - Rs 260
3) Butter Croissant - Rs 175

Butter Croissant. Crwassoan. At Least That’s the Rule of Thumb to Pronounce It Decently. And One Needs To Be Tip Top When Partaking Of This Buttery Flaky Delight, That’s on Point With the Recipe. Layers Upon Layers of Buttery Goodness, Firmly Baked Exterior & An Aroma You Cannot Decline. Crescent Beauty.

The Babka Wasn’t Something I’d Had Regularly Before, But This Braided Pastry Similar To The Croissant In Make-up Yet Continents Apart In History, Mesmerized Me for Sure. The Dense Aromatic Layers Pull One In.

Pain Au Chocolat, Or Chocolate Bread, Is Reasonably Good Here, If Not Stand Alone As The Other 2 Are.

These Single Origin Coffees (250g) Were What I Purchased As Consolation on My Physical Visit. Each Costed Me Rs 541 But You Don’t See Me Complaining Because They Were An Absolute Delight To Consume.

Medium Roast From Kerehaklu Estate In Karnataka, With Tasting Notes of Peach Ice Tea, Raw Honey And A Floral Note to Boot. Think Breezy Thrumming Gardens at Twilight.

Medium Dark From Ampthill Downs In Tamil Nadu. This One Had Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Molasses. Without Ado, This Declares Itself As The Royal Accompaniment Of Guilty Delights On Working Nights. Mull Over That Last Part As You Brew It and Inhale The Heady Whiff in.

Lastly, Subko Is A Sustainable Coffee Brand, With the Inner Lining Of The Coffee Pouches Conjured Out Of 100% Biodegradable Cellulose And The Box Rendered From 100% Recyclable Kraft Paper With Biodegradable Water Soluble Inks.








Here's What I Had

Iced Pour Over
Cold Brew Bottle
Harissa Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Espresso Stuffed Croissant
Kashmiri Walnut Choco Chip Cookie
Chocolate Babka
Pain Au Chocolate
Butter Croissant